About CoreLife

CoreLife Introduction

History: In 2012 CoreLife created its healthcare model based upon a personal experience, which uncovered a fragmented, uncoordinated, and one-dimensional array of treatment options for overweight and obese patients.  This led to the development of a community-based, multifaceted model that combines and coordinates the core disciplines necessary to treat overweight, obesity, and its underlying lifestyle factors.  The synergy of these disciplines are delivered with a focus on health improvement and sustainability. Today, CoreLife’s 8 locations (with 15 additional planned for 2018) are the trusted partners for PCPs, surgeons, and specialists who identify patients needing weight reduction and lifestyle modification to improve overall health, optimize a surgical outcome, or prevent/impede/reverse a diagnosis. Roughly half of all of our patients come by physician referral and we have treated thousands of patients over the past five years.

Our Mission: Enhance the total health of our community by providing a comprehensive, compassionate, and tailored approach to BMI optimization and lifestyle modification through the coordinated management of medical, nutrition, exercise, and behavior disciplines.

CoreLife accepts Medicare, most of the major insurance payers, as well as HSA/FSA

A New, Innovative, and Comprehensive Approach:

Innovative multidisciplinary model

  • At the core of our approach are four essential disciplines, which are medical, nutrition, exercise and behavior change. The coordinated management of these services are at the heart of CoreLife’s uniqueness.

Learning technology (CORA®) used to assess and manage patient treatment

  • Our proprietary technology based intake process, which has been developed over the past several years, allows us to hone in on the underlying factors of weight gain and offer a treatment plan leading to the greatest opportunity to achieve and maintain health, nutrition, behavior and fitness goals.

Medical Partnership

  • Created a healthcare category that did not exist. We solely partner and coordinate care with the medical community


Who CoreLife Helps:

  • Everyday people looking to use weight loss as a way to improve their overall health
  • Primary care physicians looking for a trusted resource for weight loss and lifestyle modification
  • Surgeons looking to improve surgical outcomes
  • Specialists looking to impede, prevent, and/or reverse a diagnosis where weight and lifestyle is a contributing factor

The CoreLife Difference:

Medical Weight Loss


A medical doctor is uniquely qualified to view your weight loss and maintenance within the context of your total health.

  • Proprietary Programs
  • Medical Community Approved
  • Safe multidisciplinary approach
Nutrition Weight Loss


CoreLife Nutrition is about more than just calories or portion control.

  • Registered Dietitians
  • Tailored Nutrition Counseling
  • Meal Planning & Preperation
  • Complete Nutrition Analysis
Fitness Weight Loss


Our In-House fitness studio is designed for the person looking to lose weight.

  • One on One Training
  • Small Group Training
  • 24/7 Access Gym
  • Private and Convenient
Lifestyle Weight Loss


Take charge and make the decision to change your life. We’re with you!

  • Behavior modification protocol
  • Educational Programs
  • Positive & Compassionate Staff
  • Your Partner in Health

Why do other weight loss programs fail?

They do not utilize a comprehensive approach

They’re not designed, implemented, and overseen by professionals

Short term fixes and fads are ineffectual and unsustainable

Not grounded in science and latest research

Do not address lifestyle changes

Very restrictive calorie intake

Poor estimation of calories and nutrition

Not tailored to the needs of the individual patient