Behavior Modification

A central driver to successful weight management is understanding our habits and behaviors. At CoreLife, we work with you to uncover and optimize these behaviors to achieve an enjoyable pattern of eating and activity choices as part of a long-term healthful lifestyle.

Treating weight by changing habits and behaviors

There is no easy formula for weight loss & management. Much comes down to the individual making the decision to change their life, remove obstacles, and take responsibility for where they are at this present moment. To help with this change, we provide a robust support, accountability, and behavioral counseling system paired with a compassionate staff that is solely focused on you and your goals.

We integrate behavior education, tools, and techniques into our visits to help resolve ambivalence and uncover the motivational processes within you that facilitate change.

We focus on:
  • Providing a proactive, positive, and practical approach
  • Self-monitoring
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Making small changes
  • Promoting an enjoyable pattern of behaviors
  • Using tools and education strategies to promote change
  • Constantly evaluating and sharing information

Counseling & Education

Habits and behaviors are critical to success and sustainability. We tailor counseling & education to social, environmental, and individual factors.

Problem Solving

Our team works with you to identify barriers and plan for factors that hinder your success.

Support & Accountability

When you join CoreLife, you join our family. We treat you like we would our own. That means a passionate commitment to keeping you accountable and guiding you through times of adversity.


The longer you maintain weight loss, the higher chance of success you have for the long term. This is why we are committed to a lifetime relationship and a robust maintenance program.

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