For Bariatric Patients

CoreLife works in support of your surgeon to maximize surgical outcomes and enhance total health by providing medical oversight, nutritional education, tailored exercise, and behavioral counseling. It is important to note that we meet all insurance and surgical program requirements. Our professionals adhere to the specific protocol of your Bariatric Center to satisfy established pre-surgical requirements that offer the best opportunity for long-term success.

How can CoreLife help you with your pre-surgery requirements? What are the differences between other programs and CoreLife?

Many programs consist of visits just once a month for 7 months – these monthly seminars review different education topics each month, leading up to surgery.

CoreLife’s program consists of weekly visits covering the same topics while providing a much more comprehensive resource for medical oversight, nutrition, exercise, and behavior change prior to surgery.  All of this is provided in one convenient, private, and local CoreLife center.

Why is it important?

Patients who lose weight and prepare their body in advance of surgery:

  1. Can decrease the likelihood of pre and post surgical complications
  2. Maximize the success and longevity of the procedure
  3. Improve the surgical outcomes

Our goal is to prepare and educate you on all aspects of the procedure. We want to help you understand:

  • food and how it relates to success
  • exercise and how to implement it into daily life

I have tried other programs and had short periods of success, but with CoreLife I feel like it has made me change my lifestyle long term. I am accountable for my success and failures. And gives me the tools to be successful long term. The Pasadena office staff have become friends and family. Very inviting atmosphere.

Patty M

Bariatric FAQ's

How can CoreLife optimize my surgical outcome?

Surgery is a significant procedure. Our comprehensive program will help you lose weight, gain education, and best prepare your body for surgery.  When you allow our compassionate professionals to address your medical, nutrition, exercise, and behavioral needs, you can feel confident that you are fully prepared for surgery.

What is the cost of CoreLife compared to other programs?

CoreLife accepts multiple insurance plans.  Many patients complete their visits with a copay.  Please reach out to a CoreLife representative for details pertaining to your specific costs.  

What happens after surgery?

You will have a strict nutrition protocol that will be provided by your surgeon. Our goal, in partnership with your surgeon, is to help you obtain a healthy weight.  MedStar encourages you to continue the CoreLife program after surgery.  Many patients graduate to a maintenance and utilize the gym.

What commitment does CoreLife make to me?

Weight control is a lifelong journey.  We are always here for you and there is never any judgment. Your health is our number one goal.

What does your exercise program look like?

Our personal trainers/physiologists are trained and specialize in weight loss and weight management techniques. We work with bariatric patients, specifically individuals struggling with medical conditions that limit their ability to exercise.  

How do I get the process started?

Please contact your closest CoreLife office either by phone or email to set up a free initial consultation.