For our Diabetic Patients

We are proud to have developed a special clinical pathway to fit your health needs. While many aspects of the CoreLife program remain the same, there are some important specifics in how we are able to assist you in meeting your goals.  CoreLife works with your endocrine physician to create a weight loss and lifestyle modification plan specific to your unique profile.  For this reason, CoreLife is the trusted partner of endocrine physicians to aid you on your journey.

Tracking your intake

We encourage all of our patients to consider tracking and logging their daily intake, whether it is through an app on their smartphones, a fitness tracker, or a simple diary on paper. While this is important for all of our CoreLife clients, this is especially so for our diabetic patients, as monitoring their blood sugar levels is vital. Tracking and logging throughout the day is a wonderful tool for success!

Workout protocols for your needs

While physical activity is one of the guiding principles of the CoreLife philosophy, our patient’s individual needs are our priority. If you have diabetes, or are prediabetic, we have protocols tailored for you, so you can safely and successfully incorporate activity into your life.  

Increased emphasis on fiber

Not only can eating fiber help you feel fuller longer, increased volumes of fiber can also slow the body’s absorption of sugar and assist in improving blood sugar levels.

What doesn’t change?

Our level of commitment to you as a person. Our goal is, and always will be, to provide the highest standard of singular care and support to each one of our patients. Your success is our success and we at CoreLife strive to see each of our patients achieve their personal goals.

I have tried almost every weight loss system without much luck. A friend suggested CoreLife. At the 6 week mark I have lost 23 lbs, and feel great. I still have another 20 lbs to lose, but with the help of CoreLife it’s not a worry. CoreLife is great!

Ashley M.