For Surgeons

Excess weight poses a significant risk with respect to surgical procedures and outcomes. It’s common practice to advise overweight patients to lose weight prior to surgery, or to even refuse the surgery outright unless certain requirements are met. For most patients, losing the weight is easier said than done.


How can CoreLife help?

CoreLife provides a trusted resource for you, the surgeon, to maximize your surgical outcomes.  We do this by providing your patient with a perioperative program that enhances total health by providing medical oversight, nutritional education, tailored exercise, and behavior counseling. Our professionals adhere to the specific protocols outlined by you, the surgeon, to satisfy pre-surgical requirements, and to give the patient effective long-term tools for weight-related maintenance.


There is an affirmative link between preparation and positive outcomes

Patients who lose weight and prepare their body in advance of surgery:
  1. Can decrease the likelihood of pre and post surgical complications
  2. Maximize the success of the procedure and the longevity of the benefits
  3. Improve the surgical outcome

CoreLife provides physicians with a local, community-based resource and infrastructure, which increases their ability to better treat the patient base, reduce chronic risk factors and improve population health. Healthcare has done a great job of identifying high risk patients, but the hand off to effective, personalized, treatment is virtually nonexistent. CoreLife is the specialist as it pertains to BMI optimization and lifestyle modification.  We have the time, focus, expertise, and resources to treat obesity.  Our care delivery system has shown to be more successful because we work in support of the partnering physicians to coordinate care and maximize patient outcomes.

Partner with CoreLife

If you have questions about partnering with CoreLife, or about how CoreLife can help your patients, please contact David DeLeonibus at 410.903.7092