CoreLife's comprehensive weight management program starts with an understanding of your current health conditions. Complex medical factors that impact your weight are managed by a nurse practitioner in collaboration with your doctor.

We enhance total health through the coordinated management of medical, nutrition, exercise, and behavioral health for each patient.

Understanding Medical Conditions and Weight

CoreLife’s medical weight management program is coordinated by a nurse practitioner, who will help manage your chronic conditions and collaborate with your doctor as needed. Because you will visit CoreLife more frequently than you see your regular doctor, your conditions will be managed more closely.

Our care plans are based on the most current, evidence-based approach to managing obesity from leading obesity research organizations.  We are a physician-led practice, rooted in healthcare and staffed by medical and clinical professionals.

CoreLife providers are experienced in dealing with complex medical situations, and are able to address weight in the context of an overall health management plan.

Licensed Medical Providers

CoreLife only employs licensed medical providers so that you receive the highest quality medical care.

Identifying Underlying Factors

Factors contributing to health conditions are typically complex. Our medical team is uniquely qualified to identify the underlying factors for a more optimal and convenient multidisciplinary solution.

Coordinating with Referring Providers

If you were referred, our care team coordinates with your referring provider so that care is seamless, transparent, and of high quality.

Safety & Oversight of the Care Team

Our providers oversee and ensure our nutrition, exercise, and behavioral health services are in line and complement your medical profile.

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