A medical provider is uniquely qualified to understand your goals and challenges within the context of your total health profile. Pinpointing a problem and seeking help or medical treatment can often put you on the right path to improving your health.

CoreLife works in support of referring medical partners to coordinate care and maximize patient outcomes.

Uncovering and Treating the Medical Aspects of Your Health

Our team of licensed providers and medical support staff are uniquely qualified to assess and uncover the contributing factors associated with weight management, which has a profound impact on an individual’s overall wellness.  Unless the contributing factors associated with weight gain are identified and addressed, then only short-term and unsustainable weight loss occurs.   CoreLife’s certified team ensures that every factor of your plan is safe and aligned with your unique health profile to help you make consistent progress in meeting your health goals.  

Licensed Medical Providers

CoreLife only employs licensed medical providers so that you receive the highest quality medical care.

Identifying Underlying Factors

Factors contributing to weight gain are complex. Our medical team is uniquely qualified to identify the underlying factors for a more optimal multicomponent solution.

Coordinating with Referring Providers

If you were referred, our care team coordinates with your referring provider so that care is seamless, transparent, and of high quality.

Safety & Oversight of the Care Team

Our providers oversee and ensure our nutrition, exercise, and behavior services are in line and complement your medical profile.

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