Are you an Orthopaedic patient? CoreLife can help

CoreLife is well suited to help with the unique challenges you as the Orthopaedic patient may face. Obesity is not only a risk factor for developing arthritis in the knees and hips, it is linked to less favorable outcomes after joint replacement surgery, not to mention longer hospital stays, higher overall costs and failure rates (necessitating costly revision surgery). We work with your doctor to help you achieve the best possible results, not just for surgery, but for the long term.

What are the risks with obesity and surgery?

Did you know that being overweight can increase the risk of wound infection post-surgery? Or that it can raise the likelihood of a heart attack after the procedure? Deep vein thrombosis, more commonly known as blood clots in the leg, can also be a complication. CoreLife wants to work with you and your doctor to avoid these risks to ensure a smoother, safer, recovery.

What are the benefits?

Losing weight as an orthopaedic patient can have a huge effect on your quality of life, pre and post surgery. One of the biggest benefits is that with weight loss, pain can potentially be managed to the point where surgery is no longer necessary. Another perk is that weight loss may delay the procedure for a number of years (in conjunction with approval from your doctor). Because artificial joints require replacement roughly every 15 years, delaying surgery can be an optimal choice for you.

How we can help

CoreLife wants to improve your quality of life, not just for surgery, but after as well. Our well-rounded approach to weight-loss, nutrition, and lifestyle has allowed us to assist patients from all walks of life in reaching their goals. We are uniquely qualified to help you as an orthopaedic patient, as our care model revolves around coordinating with your doctor to provide you with the best comprehensive care possible.