Welcome to CoreLife

CoreLife’s Philosophy

Our mission at CoreLife is to provide high quality, comprehensive, and singular care for our patients, assisting them in achieving their weight loss goals. We strive to empower patients with the tools they need to reach their ideal weight for optimum health. By coordinating medical care with changes in lifestyle, nutrition and behavior, we provide a positive and engaging environment, encouraging your efforts and celebrating your success. We are the local, preventive care specialist that focuses exclusively on weight reduction and lifestyle modification. We are proud to have created a new category within healthcare that previously did not exist and believe that by joining the four disciplines together, we have found a successful path to long-term weight loss.  Most patients come to us in the form of a medical referral, but we are also a community resource for those simply looking for a professional, compassionate, and comprehensive approach to their weight.

An All-Inclusive Approach

We provide a local, all-inclusive facility for individuals looking to reduce their weight, modify their lifestyle, and improve their overall health- with our physician, registered dietitians, dedicated trainers, and private gym all under one roof. By combining, coordinating, and engaging in medical, nutritional, physical, and behavioral changes, we provide you with the most optimal chance for success.

CoreLife is proud to accept Medicare, most of the major insurance payers, as well as HSA/FSA accounts

Key Points to Consider:

  • There is always medical supervision.
  • Our full time staff consists of: medical doctors, Registered Dietitians, nurses, physician’s assistants, dedicated trainers, and other administrative staff members.
  • We provide constant follow up, feedback, and education.
  • We are a professional and compassionate support system for you throughout the journey.

Getting Started

Step 1: Understanding you  
The first step at CoreLife is a free consultation at an office convenient to you. To create an effective program we must first understand your unique situation and the underlying factors that have led to where you are today. To do so, we utilize a proprietary, evidence-based software system named CORA”. CORA was developed by CoreLife and is based upon the data of thousands of patients.  Simply put, this intake process allows CoreLife to understand your unique profile, get to know you personally, and provide only the recommendations that match your needs.  Again, this is a free consultation.

Step 2: Providing a recommendation
At the closure of your free consultation we will discuss a recommendation and the products/services that would best suit your needs. In most cases, this involves a combination of medical, nutrition, exercise, and behavior change solutions. We will also discuss pricing, insurance, and answer any questions you may have.

Developing a Care Plan

When you decide to join CoreLife you will meet with Medical, Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavior professionals.  These professionals, in combination with a number of tests and inputs, will work together to create your individualized Care Plan.  Asking the right questions and collecting a variety of tests is critical; it is only when we address the underlying factors and create and individualized solution that we can provide the most optimal plan for success.  This care plan is our initial road map that we will carry out in weekly visits to our center