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CoreLife is an excellent partner in support of your corporate wellness program. Recognized as a leader in professional weight loss and weight management, CoreLife offers highly effective and personalized programs that are safe and affordable. We build high impact and customizable wellness programs, based off your company’s employee needs. Because we accept various forms of insurance, we are an affordable benefit to add to your care plan. All employee programs are available at your workplace or at a CoreLife office.

On average, over 70% of your employees are overweight or obese and less than 10% of those high-risk employees engage in “traditional” employer sponsored programs. At CoreLife we provide weight management, fitness and health programs that are designed to target high-risk employees and maximize employee engagement. As weight management specialists, we are uniquely qualified to manage employee health programs.

How we Help

  • Engages high risk employees
  • Can be offered independently or within existing wellness program
  • Ability to customize benefits that matches CoreLife services with the goals and budget of the company.

Discounts are currently offered to:

  • Public School teachers
  • Military members and their families
  • Employees of Anne Arundel Medical Center


Please contact Dave DeLeonibus at daved@corelifemd.com for additional information.

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