Meal Replacement – Weight Loss

Are you always on the go and looking for some structure and convenience?

Meal Replacement provides a very specific and detailed meal plan.

Meal Replacement for Weight Loss

  1. Initial Physician Visit
  2. Dietitian Assessment (optional)
  3. Personal Trainer Assessment (optional)
  4. Weekly Visits
    • Adaptation
    • Weight Loss
    • Transition
  5. Monthly Reviews
  6. Maintenance

Initial Physician Visit

The initial medical visit will include a one hour visit with a physician consisting of a health history assessment, physiology of weight, lab work, body composition analysis, and a meal plan focusing on YOU and your metabolism. This visit can also include clearance for prescription, FDA approved, medication to be used in conjunction with your program.  This is definitely not required, but is an option. All weight loss medications are prescribed and dispensed in-house at our CoreLife office. B12 and Lipo-B injections are administered in our office by a licensed physician or nurse.

Note: A dietitian visit is typically incorporated to help with education and devising the grocery meal portions of the meal plan.  Our freshly prepared meals can also be integrated into your meal replacement program.


CoreLife introduces meal replacement supplements within a reduced-calorie meal plan to help your body adjust to the program. This phase usually lasts for two weeks.

Weight Loss

During weight loss you will use CoreLife’s great-tasting Ready-To-Drink beverages, pudding shakes, soups, fruit drinks, entrees, and smoothies. Your meal plan will also include a fiber drink and nutrition bars to meet your nutritional needs and promote weight loss. We also incorporate a grocery lean & green meal into the daily plan as requested.


As you near your goal weight, we will gradually reintroduce you to grocery foods and help you cope with the controlled reintroduction of calories, carbohydrates and fats.


Once goal weight is achieved you will enter the maintenance phase. We will do an extensive post weight loss consultation where we will set goals, review what we’ve learned, and set a maintenance weigh in schedule once a month (this is free).  Maintenance is where the real effort begins and we plan to stay with you as long as it takes. In your maintenance phase you’ll enjoy a healthy diet that – along with proper exercise – can help you keep you at your goal weight.

More Information

Are you looking for structure?  The CoreLife meal replacement program offers the structure that many patients need.  Most of our patients use meal replacement and experience great success in a structured and regimented full or partial meal replacement program. Full or partial meal replacement is done with our convenient and tasty portion-controlled products stocked on site. They contain high-grade protein and are nutritionally balanced, so that you may safely reach your weight loss goal. We can also incorporate a grocery lean & green meal into the daily plan if requested. Typically, patience experience little to no hunger on this reduced calorie diet, but if hunger is an issue, an appetite suppressant can be prescribed by our physician.

One factor that has contributed greatly to the weight gain epidemic in the United States is the overabundance of food choices. The grocery store shelves and restaurants are filled with a dizzying selection of foods that make healthy choices almost impossible. The CoreLife Meal Replacement Program gives you a break from that. No need to worry or fret about what you are going to eat for lunch or dinner. Not having to make this decision every day is described by most people as a welcome relief.

At CoreLife the meal replacement program is very affordable. On average our meal replacement food costs between $35 – $75/wk depending on a partial or full meal replacement program. For most, this is well below the cost of your current average food consumption.