Medical Partnerships


CoreLife provides preventive health care focusing on overweight and obese individuals. Formed in 2009, we created a multidisciplinary model that did not previously exist.  Within our comprehensive facilities, each critical discipline is managed by our specialized team of physicians, dietitians, exercise trainers and counselors.  This community-based model is centered around coordinating care with the medical community, including hospitals, primary care, surgeons, and other medical providers.  

Healthcare is moving away from existing models based on episodic and acute care toward a focus on maintenance and prevention.  Value is increasingly measured in actual outcomes achieved to impact health and well-being.  We know the factors that affect an individual’s overall health go well beyond medical interventions and genetic predispositions.  It is estimated that nearly 75% of an individual’s health status is determined by environmental and lifestyle factors.  Care management systems that cultivate collaboration among providers, patients, and families will help optimize treatments and protocols to achieve better and more sustainable outcomes.  CoreLife provides the first healthcare model that solely focuses on BMI optimization and lifestyle modification in a comprehensive and local center.

CoreLife aims to prevent future diagnoses as well as improve and/or reverse an existing diagnosis; we do this by focusing exclusively on BMI optimization and lifestyle modification.


  • Obesity rates and chronic risk factors continue to rise
  • No community-based healthcare infrastructure to exclusively focus on & treat obesity
  • One-dimensional approaches to weight don’t work and yield high fail rates
  • Treatment requires understanding and addressing underlying factors
  • High risk patients can be identified, but the hand off to an actionable treatment is sometimes nonexistent

       CoreLife Solution

  • Innovative, community-based multidisciplinary model
  • Created a new category in healthcare that did not previously exist
  • Proprietary technology (CORA®) to help assess, manage, and improve quality care
  • Solely partner and coordinate care with the medical community
  • Unique culture

How we partner with the medical community

CoreLife provides physicians with a local, community-based infrastructure that increases their ability to better treat the patient base, reduce chronic risk factors and improve population health. Healthcare has done a great job of identifying high risk patients, but the hand off to an effective treatment is virtually nonexistent. CoreLife is the specialist as it pertains to BMI optimization and lifestyle modification.  We have the time, focus, expertise, and resources to treat obesity.  Our care delivery system has shown to be more successful because we work in support of the partnering physicians to coordinate care and maximize patient outcomes.

For Hospital Systems

  • A new category specializing in BMI optimization and lifestyle modification
  • Infrastructure located within the community
  • Local resource for Hospital Primary Care Providers
  • Touchpoint to expand presence and capture high risk individuals

For Primary Care

  • Provides a local, trusted resource to physicians for patients who would benefit from weight reduction and lifestyle modification.  This gives PCPs an additional touch point for obesity management that doesn’t currently exist in the market place.
  • A partner in achieving population health initiatives

For Surgeons & Specialists

  • For any specialist (Surgeon, ENT, Endocrinologist, etc) that thinks BMI optimization would help improve a surgical outcome or diagnosis.  
  • Improve outcomes, reduce risk complications, lower re-admittance

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