Medical Treatment

For Lifelong Weight Loss

There are many different factors that are involved with weight gain and weight loss, which is why so many diets fail to achieve long-term results.  In many cases, there are underlying medical conditions—such as nutrient deficiencies, hormones, medication side effects, thyroid, digestive issues, depression, metabolic syndrome, slow metabolism and more—that hinder or completely stop the weight loss process. Unless you address the contributing factors associated with weight gain, then only short-term and unsustainable weight loss occurs. A medical doctor is uniquely qualified to view your weight loss and maintenance within the context of your total health profile. Pinpointing the problem and seeking help or medical treatment can often put you on the right path to weight loss.  Not only that, but medical oversight provides the safety necessary to embark on a weight loss journey.

CoreLife’s Medical Weight Loss Program Includes:

  1. Initial Medical Visit with a Physician
  2. Assessment with Dietitian
  3. Assessment with Personal Trainer
  4. Weekly Visits with Medical and Nutrition Staff
  5. Monthly Reviews
  6. Maintenance

Initial Medical Visit

The initial medical visit will include a one hour visit with a physician consisting of a health history assessment, physiology of weight, lab work, body composition analysis, and a diet and nutrition plan focusing on YOU and your unique requirements. This visit may also include clearance for prescription, FDA approved, medications to be used in conjunction with your program. All weight loss medications are prescribed and for your convenience may dispensed in-house at our CoreLife office.

Weekly Visits

The cornerstone of CoreLife is our weekly visits, accountability, and support.  Lifestyle change occurs through education and the altering of habits over time. Our weekly visits are packed with food log reviews, counseling, vitals checks, and an education platform spanning nutritional, behavioral, and exercise topics. Included in weekly visits are medication (if prescribed), frequent Body Composition analysis, and email follow up, support, and motivation.

Regardless of your individual plan there is always medical oversight provided by physicians and registered nurses.   These professionals, in conjunction with the latest research, feedback tools, and weekly one on one visits, we will not only give you the proper direction, but help you maintain focus on achieving your goals. Sustainable success in a safe way is at the foundation of CoreLife.


Once goal weight is achieved you will enter the maintenance phase. We will do an extensive post weight loss consultation where we will set goals, review what we’ve learned, and set a maintenance weigh in schedule once a month (this is free).  Maintenance is where the real effort begins and we plan to stay with you as long as it takes.