I have been coming to this office since April (Pasadena).  The staff is very friendly & encouraging.  I enjoy the experience.*


THANK YOU CoreLife & Sean. Great program. One of a kind. I look and feel great! Back to college weight.*

Sarah M

I just had to take the time to let you know how the staff at CoreLife in White Marsh has changed my life. I am a 68 year old woman who now feels like she’s 22 again. From the minute I walked in the door & was greeted by Kim who took the time to explain everything to me, but most importantly she convinced me that I could do this, that they would make me healthier, that they would support me on my journey and they have done that and so much more. Jenna, Ashley, Asa, & Kim never fail to smile & greet me & their positivity makes the whole place exude the “You Can Do This” motto. I have learned to track my food, make better food choices, and they always tell me I’m doing a great job. I have lost just 6 lbs. but now know that it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the whole package. I am no longer fixated on the scale, no longer devastated if I gain ½ lb. CoreLife has done so much for me but they have given me the most important gift to me and that is my CoreLife guardian angel & my angel’s name is Yolanda Griffin. I have never once walked into a gym, never once got on a mat on the floor, never once broke a sweat, that is until Yolanda walked, or should I say, jumped into my life. She told me that she would get me to the point that I would LOVE the gym, that I would miss it on the days I don’t come in, and that exercise would become a part of my life, little did I know at that time she was right. I have dropped almost 8” from my hips, waist, and arms. I am proof positive that it works, I go to the CoreLife gym every day, I attend every single exercise class I can sign up for & I feel better mentally & physically than I have in 30 years. I now know I can do this, I can do better, I can be successful, I can be a CoreLife success. I am so empowered that I have joined the Employee Wellness Committee here at work and sing the praises of CoreLife to everyone I meet. Many thanks to my new CoreLife White Marsh family and to everything that have given me.

Sharon H

I want to thank CoreLife Severna Park for making a childhood dream come true. With their backing, I was able to shed 60 pounds and meet the weight required to ride a mule into the Grand Canyon. The guidance and support provided by Charlie, Alex and Alexis was phenomenal. They suggested diet modifications, helped me “navigate holidays” and hounded me (in a good way) about my food journal. I felt they wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted to succeed…and that meant a tremendous amount. Now that my trip is over, the hard part begins…keeping the weight off. But I’m confident with their continued assistance, I’ll maintain the lifestyle change I began nine months ago.*

Bill W

I had been to CoreLife several years ago and lost 10lbs.  Since that time I had gained back the 10lbs and an additional 5lbs. I decided in September 2014 after seeing a picture of myself that it was time to get control of my life so I decided to return to Corelife for a jumpstart.  It’s been 9 months and nearly 30lbs lost in this journey. The amount of support given at every visit is enough to make a person return. Alexis and Alex really are the “A” Team. They are always upbeat and very personable.  They offer nutritional information that fits my lifestyle and tastebuds. I have altered my workouts based off of suggestions made by Alexis and have seen a noticeable difference. While I know I am the one in control of my life and the choices I make it does help having the support that these 2 ladies give. I look forward to the weekly email after my visit.They are not just employees working for a paycheck.  They both are very knowledgeable and have a genuine interest in the success of each patient.   I am almost to my goal weight but I can assure you I will continue visit the “A” Team. I am in a place in my life that I never thought was possible. I have more energy to play with my kids.  I am more confident in myself and my appearance which helps in my personal and professional life. Thank you Corelife, Alex, Alexis and the Severna Park Team.*

It started with me providing a detail medical history and discussing my eating habits. The RN took blood and ordered a few tests and I completed a body composition analysis. I had a bmi over 30……not good. CoreLife discussed my options. We decided on a meal replacement plan that limited my calories to 1,000 per day. The food was in stock at CoreLife and cost about $85/wk. I had to visit weekly for a checkup with the RN and CoreLife. I also elected to work with a personal trainer ($40/hr). I have lost 46lbs in 8 weeks. I love the accountability of the program. I strongly recommend CoreLife. My life-saver!*

Molly W.

I have tried other programs and had short periods of success, but with CoreLife I feel like it has made me change my lifestyle long term. I am accountable for my success and failures. And gives me the tools to be successful long term. The Pasadena office staff have become friends and family. Very inviting atmosphere.*

Patty M

When I started coming to CoreLife, I was desperate to lose weight. I was at my heaviest and I was at the end of my rope. I was beginning to think that it was hopeless. The ladies have always been supportive and encouraging, good weeks and bad. I made little changes at a time, and each change was one step closer to my goal. I am currently down 63.5 pounds and am continuing to set goals.*


With the help of CoreLife I achieved my weight loss goal. I did the complete medical program. I visited CL on a weekly basis where they would do a medical review, body comp analysis and review my progress. They monitored my progress and made changes along the way. They really encourage exercise. I used a personal trainer two days a week. I highly recommend CoreLife.*

Monica W.

My husband and I started going to CoreLife together three months ago. We are using the meal replacement program and love it. Doing the program together is great because we hold one another accountable for what we eat and encourage one another. We look and feel great!*

Susan and Tom

I finally hit my weight loss goal after dropping 50 lbs. I did the work, but CoreLife gave me motivation and kept me on track. For the first time in 13 years, I am off my blood pressure meds. I love the people at CoreLife. You literally saved my life!*

Mark J.

The personal trainers at CoreLife are AWESOME. They provide a 1 on 1 workout at half the price of traditional gyms. I have finally lost the 25 lbs I gained when my son was born six years ago. The staff dietitian is awesome. Program was very affordable.*

Sherry L.

I lost over 40 pounds with hard work, structure, and support. Dr. Izzi is very informative.*

Nate K.

I have tried almost every weight loss systems without much luck. A friend suggested CoreLife. At the 6 week mark I have lost 23 lbs, and feel great. I still have another 20 lbs to lose, but with the help of CoreLife it’s not a worry. CoreLife is great!*

Ashley M.

I have been at CoreLife for a little over 3 months, although I have not reached my final goal I am far ahead of where I would be by myself. Jen my nurse is awesome. Lost 30 another 40 to go. Not a problem.*

Michael M.

With the staff, trainers, and nurses I feel completely comfortable at CoreLife. They help me stay motivated with weekly body composition analysis reports. My first month and down 17 lbs!*

Tyler B.

My wife encouraged me to talk to CoreLife. They designed a weight loss program that included an appetite suppressant and a meal replacement program. The program is first class. Very professional and caring.*

Jerry S.

With a gym, nutritionist, and doctor CoreLife really includes all of the tools needed for effective weight loss all at the same location. I don’t us the gym, because I am able to work out on my own but it’s a great benefit for weight loss.*

Clark G.

I really didn’t like going to the gym because I felt uncomfortable. CoreLife has 1 on 1 training and 24 hour gym access. I use the weekly B12/Lipo program and the personal trainers. I have lost about 20 lbs in a month.*

Dave D.

CoreLife is great. The subject of weight loss can be a sensitive one but with the private feel and great staff I feel right at home. Coming in weekly to get weighed in is a great way to stay on goal. Down 37lbs.*

Larry R.

I have tried almost every weight loss systems without much luck. CoreLife preaches “lifestyle weight loss”. Lose the weight while learning how to keep it off. Was size 16 and today size 10. Thank you Sean! You are the best!!!!!*

Ashley M.

When I first started CoreLife I wanted to lose 45 LBS. I am now down 58 LBS and feel great! Not only am I more confident, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have never been this good. Thank you CoreLife.*

Kevin S.

I really like the fact that CoreLife will tailor the program to my specific needs. For me, full meal replacement and exercise. Week 2 down 14 lbs!*

Scott S.

Weight loss can be an uncomfortable to even talk about. CoreLife features a beautiful private location, and confidential and caring staff. At CoreLife it’s clear they are all about my success. I am close to my goal weight of 110… same as my wedding weight 21 years ago!*

Sharon D.