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Achieving Total Health is More than a Number on a Scale

At CoreLife, we know that treating obesity requires more than focusing on body weight. People struggling with obesity are often facing a number of related chronic conditions that limit their success with traditional diet and exercise programs. 

CoreLife is different. We work with each patient to identify the root causes of weight gain and develop a personalized plan that combines medical treatment, dietary guidance, physical fitness, and behavioral health. Our in-depth care plan leads to better results and long-term health.

At CoreLife, your care team includes Registered Dietitian, Nurse Practitioner, Exercise Specialist, and Licensed Mental Health Professional who work together to create and continually manage a health plan based on your unique needs, goals, and current conditions. And, they support you for your entire journey, with encouragement, accountability, and understanding. As you continue with the program, your care team will manage your plan to adapt to your changing needs.

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The CoreLife Care Model
A Nurse Practitioner evaluates and treats health risks that are related to obesity and conditions that impact weight management.
  • Develops, monitors, and adjusts your individual care plan
  • Prescribes and manages medications for weight loss when appropriate
  • Coordinates with your primary care doctor, surgeon, or specialist
A Registered Dietician creates a customized eating plan that fits with your unique needs, goals, preferences, and lifestyle.
  • Determines your resting metabolic rate and calorie needs
  • Establishes dietary guidance and meal plans
  • Supports you in learning healthy eating habits
Exercise specialists develop movement plans to help you reduce pain and better perform day-to-day activities.
  • Assess range of motion, strength, and flexibility
  • One-on-one and small group exercise
  • Private, 24/7 access exercise facility in every clinic
Behavioral Health
Licensed Mental Health Clinicians help you develop the skills to take charge of your emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Behavioral health therapy and education/resources
  • Compassionate, supportive care
  • Understanding the connection between emotional wellness and health

Individual & Family Resources

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Physician & Health System Resources

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CoreLife works in support of your doctor to provide you with a care plan that achieves your total health goals. Whether it is to reduce the impact of chronic conditions, to prepare for surgery or advanced medical treatment, or to simply achieve better health, CoreLife can help you achieve lasting success.

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Proper nutrition is a vital component of overall health and wellbeing. But, no single eating pattern is right for everyone. We believe in giving you the tools and knowledge to understand how healthy eating works for you and make it a simple, regular, everyday choice.

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Exercise is an important component of optimal health. We believe in functional, goal-inspired fitness. The true meaning of health and wellness is feeling good and having the strength and energy to do what matters most to you.

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Behavioral Health

Achieving your health goals often starts with understanding the underlying experiences/conditions at your core that impact your success.  At CoreLife, we understand the complex relationships between thoughts, emotions and behaviors  and our Licensed Behavioral Health Therapists work with you to create an individualized care plan to help address the underlying core issues which have impacted your health journey to overall wellness.

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