Our Program

More than a number on a scale

At CoreLife, we know that treating obesity requires more than focusing on body weight. People struggling with obesity are often facing a number of related chronic conditions that limit their success with traditional diet and exercise programs.
CoreLife is different. We work with each patient to identify the root causes of weight gain and develop a personalized plan that combines medical treatment, dietary guidance, physical fitness, and behavioral health. Our compassionate team will provide encouragement and accountability, empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need for lifelong success.


A Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner evaluates and treats health risks that are related to obesity and conditions that impact weight management.


A Registered Dietitian creates a customized eating plan that fits with your unique needs, goals, preferences, and lifestyle.

Behavioral Health

Licensed Mental Health Clinicians help you develop the skills to take charge of your emotional and psychological well-being.


Exercise specialists develop movement plans to help you reduce pain and better perform day-to-day activities.
We enhance total health through the coordinated management of medical, nutrition, exercise, and
behavioral health for each patient.

Trusted Partner to the medical
community since 2012

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