Your Individual Care Team

No pressure, quick fixes, fad-diets, or crazy exercise routines! Just real support from our team of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, licensed clinical social workers, and medical exercise specialists
Most patients are referred to us by a primary care physician or specialist for obesity treatment, but you do not need a referral to come to CoreLife. We are open for any patient who is ready and willing to commit 100% to work toward change and is looking for a professional, compassionate, and comprehensive approach to their weight.

How it works

Phone Consultation

A 15 minute consultation with a CoreLife patient navigator is an important aspect of getting started. Our patient navigators will answer any questions and schedule your initial medical assessment. We will gather your insurance information and provide details on paperwork, lab work, and other tests that are needed, so please make sure you have your insurance information ready.

Your First Appointment

At your new patient appointment, you will meet with a nurse practitioner who will evaluate your current health, medications, chronic conditions, and your goals for change. Together with your new patient intake forms, this evaluation will serve as the starting point for developing your customized care plan. 

CoreLife is For Life

Unlike diet or exercise programs, your CoreLife care team is here for you for life. We know that obesity and overweight are chronic health conditions, and even after you have achieved your weight goals, we will be here to provide care and guidance to ensure that you stay healthy.

Your Care Plan

You will meet with your CoreLife care team frequently – as often as weekly to start. Your registered dietitian will help develop an eating plan based on real food and teach you the skills for lifelong nutrition. Following your movement consult, your exercise specialist will create an exercise plan to help you gain fitness for everyday living and support your weight loss goals. If you would benefit from mental health counseling, a licensed clinical social worker is available. As you make progress on your goals, your care plan will be adjusted so that you continue to see success.

Take the Cora Health Profile

To create an effective treatment program we must first understand your unique health profile.
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