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Engagement from traditional
virtual-only solutions


BPS average
HBA1C Reduction


Average BMI


Maintain results
after 5 years


reduction in obesity
medication utilization

What Is Included?

  • Typical plan involves in-person visits supplemented by virtual engagement and remote patient monitoring
  • Core disciplines: clinical, dietary, fitness and behavioral
  • Coordinated with the employees PCP, surgeon and/or specialist
  • Intensity of care informed by patient needs

Who Receives Care?

  • Average BMI percentage reduction for patients with a BMI over 35.0 at the start of treatment: 15%
  • Preventative, lower intensity care for patients with a BMI less than 35.0 has proven effective to manage long-term costs
  • CORA (machine learning) program helps select optimal care path and ensure results

What Does it Cost and How Do We Track Performance?

  • Insurance Model (Traditional FFS)
  • PMPM
  • Shared Savings
  • Performance based payment structure
  • Align on key outcomes and set collective goals
  • Data analytics provides patient insights for broader care

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