Digital Health Program

CoreLife For Work:

CoreLife Care for Work is a digital health program designed to connect employees to their personal care plans and support at CoreLife.
This program acts as an extension of the CoreLife Integrated Healthcare Model and is managed by a dedicated team of over 400 care team specialists; made up of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Dietitians, Licensed Behavioral Health Specialists, and Exercise Specialists!

For Employers

  • CoreLife Care for Work empowers employees on their wellness journey through their day- to-day life by directly connecting them to the CoreLife team of care professionals on-the- go.
  • A high-level dashboard that provides you with overall engagement and performance data of your employee wellness programs.
  • The data will be de-identified for privacy and security compliance. You will be able to see the level of engagement, key health metrics such as average BMI and overall health and wellness measures as it relates to the holistic health of your participating employees. We can also include employee satisfaction and feedback surveys to help adjust the program to your employee's feedback for continual improvement.
  • Provide your employees with a natural extension to the proven CoreLife Integrated Care
    Model – involving medical, behavioral, food planning and exercise support.
  • Healthy and active employees are more productive, extend your wellness offerings and attain measurable improvements with CoreLife Care for Work

For Patients

  • A personalized member app with a holistic approach to health – involving medical, behavioral, food planning and exercise routines.
  • Personalized goal setting including weight, diet, fitness, and overall health.
  • Promote engagement through personalized messaging, relevant nudges, progress updates and motivational supports through email or SMS
  • Analyze and track nutritional profiles of your meals with ease using our AI-powered meal tracker.
  • Make coordinating and scheduling care a breeze with in-app calendar for program check-ins, appointments, and scheduled activities.
  • Access to a library of informative resources related to specific individual goals and conditions including videos, illustrations, and websites for reference.
  • Access to a device marketplace that allows the member to connect to one of the many digital health devices for enhanced tracking.
  • Including popular fitness trackers such as Fitbit and the Apple Watch as well as medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, weight scales and glucometers.
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