Only CoreLife directly manages and coordinates the

4 Disciplines for Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss
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A medical doctor is uniquely qualified to view your weight loss and maintenance within the context of your total health.

  • Proprietary Programs
  • Medical Community Approved
  • Safe multidisciplinary approach




Nutrition Weight Loss
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CoreLife Nutrition is about more than just calories or portion control.

  • Registered Dietitians
  • Tailored Nutrition Counseling
  • Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Complete Nutrition Analysis
Fitness Weight Loss
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Our In-House fitness studio is designed for the person looking to lose weight.

  • One on One Training
  • Small Group Training
  • 24/7 Access Gym
  • Private and Convenient
Lifestyle Weight Loss
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Take charge and make the decision to change your life. We’re with you!

  • Behavior modification protocol
  • Educational Programs
  • Positive & Compassionate Staff
  • Your Partner in Health

Hassle-free complimentary consultations

CoreLife is proud to announce that we are now accepting UnitedHealthcare insurance – allowing us to make CoreLife more accessible and affordable for everyone. Accepting UnitedHealthcare expands the opportunities and options we offer and we are excited to make this available to our patients. Call us today at 800.905.3261 to schedule your complimentary consultation at a location convenient to you.

“I want to thank CoreLife Severna Park for making a childhood dream come true. With their backing, I was able to shed 60 pounds and meet the weight required to ride a mule into the Grand Canyon. The guidance and support provided by Charlie, Alex and Alexis was phenomenal. They suggested diet modifications, helped me “navigate holidays” and hounded me (in a good way) about my food journal. I felt they wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted to succeed…and that meant a tremendous amount. Now that my trip is over, the hard part begins…keeping the weight off. But I’m confident with their continued assistance, I’ll maintain the lifestyle change I began nine months ago.”

Bill W