Coordinating multidisciplinary care with medical
professionals to improve community health



We are a professional and compassionate support system for you throughout the journey.



The CoreLife weight management team will provide
you with the necessary skills to build a positive
relationship with food.

Only CoreLife directly manages and coordinates the
4 Disciplines for optimal total health.

CoreLife enhances total health by providing a multifaceted approach to weight management that includes medical, nutrition, exercise, and behavior.  The coordinated management of these services is at the heart of CoreLife’s uniqueness.

Our professional and compassionate staff delivers an exceptional experience that has become the leader in weight loss and management.  We tailor our integrated services and empower you to make lasting change.

A medical doctor is uniquely qualified to monitor your weight loss and total health.
  • Proprietary Programs
  • Medical Community Approved
  • Safe multidisciplinary approach
CoreLife Nutrition is about more than just calories or portion control.
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Complete Nutrition Analysis
Our in-house fitness studio is designed to help lose weight.
  • One on One Training
  • Small Group Training
  • 24/7 Access Gym
  • Private and Convenient
Take charge and make the decision to change your life. We’re with you!
  • Behavior Counseling
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Tools & Education
  • Positive, Friendly Staff

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Discipline 1


A medical doctor is uniquely qualified to view your weight loss and maintenance within the context of your total health profile. Pinpointing a problem and seeking help or medical treatment can often put you on the right path to weight loss.

CoreLife works in support of referring medical partners to coordinate care and maximize patient outcomes.

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Discipline 2


Nutrition is a vital component of overall health and well-being. We believe in giving people the tools and knowledge to make healthy eating a regular, simple, everyday occurrence.

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Discipline 3


Exercise is an important component of sustainable weight loss. We believe in functional, goal-inspired fitness. The true meaning of health and wellness is feeling good and having the strength and energy to do what matters most to you.

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Discipline 4


A central driver to successful weight management is understanding our habits and behaviors. Poor habits and behaviors lead to weight gain. At CoreLife, we work with you to uncover and optimize these behaviors to achieve an enjoyable pattern of eating and activity choices as a part of a long-term overall healthful lifestyle.

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