CoreLife History

In 2012 CoreLife created its healthcare model based upon a personal experience, which uncovered a fragmented, uncoordinated, and one-dimensional array of treatment options for obese patients.  This led to the development of a community-based, multifaceted model that combines and coordinates the core disciplines necessary to treat obesity, it’s disease states, and underlying lifestyle factors.  The synergy of these disciplines are delivered with a focus on health improvement and sustainability.

Today, CoreLife services more than 300,000 annual patient visits and is the trusted partners for PCPs, surgeons, and specialists who identify patients looking to manage thier obesity and its disease states to improve overall health, optimize a surgical outcome, or prevent/impede/reverse a diagnosis.

Our Mission

We individualize healthcare through the coordinated management of medical, nutrition, exercise, and behavior to deliver superior clinical and financial outcomes all while creating an exceptional experience for our patients and partners.

Our Vision

A nationally recognized healthcare organization that communities, health systems, and employers rely on to care for patients struggling with the challenges, conditions, and disease states associated with obesity.

Our Values

  • We provide the highest level of patient experience, care, and outcomes.

  • We challenge complacency, mediocrity, and the status quo.

  • We believe in leadership, teamwork, integrity, and results.

CoreLife Philosophy

Our philosophy at CoreLife is to provide high quality, comprehensive, and singular care for our patients, assisting them in achieving their goals.  We empower patients with the tools they need to reach optimum health.  By coordinating medical care with changes in lifestyle, nutrition and behavior, we provide a positive and engaging environment, encouraging your efforts and celebrating your success.

We are the local, preventive care specialist that focuses on lifestyle modification as a means to improve overall health. We are proud to have created a new category within healthcare that previously did not exist and believe that by joining the four disciplines of medical, nutrition, fitness, and behavior together, we have found a successful path to sustainable weight management and total wellness.  Most patients come to us in the form of a medical recommendation, but we are also a community resource for those simply looking for a professional, compassionate, and comprehensive approach to improving their health.

Reduce Your Weight
Modify Your Lifestyle
Improve Your Health