The holidays can be a stressful time to maintain a healthy diet.  Between parties, cooking, gifts, hosting, and traveling it can be enough to make just about anyone feel overwhelmed!

Here are some simple tips to help you enjoy the holiday season without undoing all your progress.

Enjoy in Moderation:

Enjoy holiday treats and goodies in moderation. Have one cookie instead of three or a sliver of pie instead of going for seconds. This way you can still enjoy all the festivities while staying within your caloric budget!

Eat Before Dinner:

Do not starve yourself leading up to the big holiday dinner. Make sure you enjoy well-balanced meals and snacks during the day, making you less hungry when its time to sit around the table. This will help you minimize overindulging or binging on unhealthy foods during your gathering. During the feast try filling up on salads and soups avoiding those high-calorie low filling appetizers. This way you get to enjoy all the delicious holiday-themed foods without overindulging on foods that are around all season long! 

Be Smart about your Alcohol:

Did you know that one cup of eggnog has around 230 calories?

Alcoholic beverages are packed with hidden calories and sugars! Swapping out certain ingredients in your drinks will help you enjoy your night without burning through so many unwanted calories. Swap out regular beer for light or try mixing your drinks with seltzers and soda. 

Alcohol caused dehydration so remember to drink plenty of water! Don’t be afraid to swap an alcoholic beverage for a cup of water every other drink.

Healthier Food Choices:

Enjoy a pastry or piece of pie, but fill up on healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid or consume smaller portions of foods with heavy creams and sauces as well as fried foods. By making these healthier food choices you still get to enjoy a full plate of food without the heaviness that follows. 

You Can Say No:

Do not feel obligated to try every food item put on the table in front of you. There is no shame in saying you are full or do not want to try something. Be honest about your new habits and the journey you’re on to improve your health, let your friends and family know that you are actively trying to lose weight. Or if you don’t want to disclose that information you can simply reply with I am full right now, maybe a little later when I can enjoy the dish better! Stay strong, you have the right to make your health a priority.

Be Active:

During the holidays we may slip and skip out on exercise. However, with all the gatherings we are hosting or invited to maintaining some kind of exercise or fitness activity is important.

Invite the whole family for a post-meal walk or you can go a step further and make a fun game out of it. We are sure many will enjoy the gesture and have a great time!

Get Right Back on Track:

Veering a little off course after adopting new and healthier habits isn’t uncommon, especially when on vacation or celebrating the holidays. Don’t feel guilty! Remember that it’s more about adopting a healthier way of life, not just a quick fix diet. Be kind to yourself and get back on track.

CoreLife has many licensed professionals equipped with the right tools, tips, and knowledge to help you achieve and maintain your health goals, especially during stressful times like the holidays.

We are here to support our patients to reach their goals and become a healthier version of themselves!