Mornings are often hectic. Finding a way to fit in a healthy breakfast, or even more likely, grab one to go, can be nearly impossible. I wanted to give you some ideas for some quick, healthy breakfast recipes that you can eat on the way to work or enjoy with a cup of coffee at the table, whichever time allows.

1) Avocado toast. Choose whole grain or sprouted grain bread. Mash 1/3 – 1/2 of a ripe avocado on top. Sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy with a napkin in hand or while watching the news in your kitchen. For added protein, top with an egg.

2) Hard-boiled egg with berries. You can make a half dozen or more hard-boiled eggs on the weekend, then grab and go for breakfast or add to a salad for protein at lunch. For an even simpler grab and go fruit, try an apple, banana, or orange.

3) Overnight oats. Soak oats overnight with chia seeds, banana, and nut butter. Scoop out into desired portions and grab on your way out the door. You can add additional toppings, if desired, or even heat it up to eat as a more traditional oatmeal with a quick burst in the microwave.

4) Smoothies. I’ve written about smoothies before; they’re a fantastic way to get in a LOT of nutrition in a very small container. Be sure to add veggies to your smoothie and use milk, yogurt, or water, not juice. Frozen cauliflower, frozen butternut squash, and spinach are all great and easy additions to smoothies without affecting the taste. Bananas and dates are great options to sweeten. Avocado, full-fat dairy, chia seeds, and nut butters are all great sources of fat, while hemp seeds and collagen peptides are easy protein additions. Blend it up and sip on your commute.

5) Nuts and Fruit. And if you’re REALLY pressed on time, grab a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit. Protein and fat from the nuts, some fiber and carbs from the fruit. In any case, it’s better than nothing and definitely better than a doughnut!

For more simple ways to work improved nutrition into your day and life, come by CoreLife.

Aubrey Phelps MS RDN