To celebrate ‘Day of the Mushroom’ today, we’re sharing some fun(gi) facts along with a delicious dinner recipe where mushrooms are the star!

Did you know…

  • Mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium.  They contain about the same as bananas but don’t have the extra sugar and calories a banana brings with it.
  • They contain both fiber AND protein, something most of us can always use more of!  Better yet, they contain almost no fat and a low calorie count. 
  • Studies suggest regular consumption of mushrooms can boost your immune system.
  • As a prebiotic, mushrooms support healthy gut bacteria.  This can help with fighting obesity.
  • Mushrooms are a good source of antioxidants.  They also contain protein lectin which can protect against and help fight certain types of cancers!

Farro with Roasted Mushrooms (and spinach!), is an already vegetarian and vegan approved recipe!  It packs 14g of protein and 8g of fiber per serving.  For those with the caloric wiggle room who want more protein, just add grilled chicken or tofu to top it off.

If you’re not familiar with farro, it’s an ancient grain that has both fiber and protein and tastes similar to brown rice.  It has a more firm and chewy texture, that is sort of a cross between rice and barley.

Celebrate mushrooms today (or any other day!) and give this delicious recipe a try: