Whether you’re on the path to where you want your health to be, or just starting the journey, Thanksgiving and the holiday season is a great time to slow down and be thankful for what you have and all your body is capable of. Instead of thinking of the holidays as sabotaging your pursuit of weight loss and healthy habits, try to remember that healthy eating and living is all about balance and this is just a perfect opportunity to work on finding it!

With Thanksgiving barely a week away, the first of many opportunities to strike a balance between indulgence and health is rapidly approaching. Instead of thinking of Thanksgiving as a day to just “throw in the towel”, try to go in with a plan so that you can enjoy it, and not feel guilty afterwards. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, or joining friends, plan a menu that captures the spirit of the menu people know and love, but give it a little make-over with healthy additions or upgrades. For example, instead of the sugary, canned cranberry sauce, opt for a fresh cranberry, green apple, and orange “salad”, finely diced for a great turkey side. Perhaps instead of the green bean casserole, offer sautéed green beans with toasted almonds. And instead of the pecan pie, choose pumpkin. Above all else, watch your portions. Try to still fill your plate with half veggies, a quarter protein, and a quarter starch.

Additionally, don’t skip your workouts or regular exercise. Encourage family to go on a post-dinner walk around the block. Get your workout in early before you get cooking. If you usually workout 3 times a week and Thursday is one of those days, move your workouts around so you get them all in and can take Thanksgiving off. Whatever your approach, keeping your routine as consistent as possible throughout the busy holidays is the best way to ensure you don’t pack on the pounds or have to start all over once the New Year comes. Imagine making a New Year’s resolution that DOESN’T focus on losing weight!

For more ideas on how to stay consistent through the holidays and help staying accountable and on track, come on in to CoreLife.

Aubrey Phelps MS RDN LDN