In a significant stride towards advancing digital health, CoreLife is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Mozzaz that enables CoreLife Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of obesity related healthcare services and trusted partner with health systems, providers and employers, to deliver new innovative solutions to the markets it serves. Mozzaz’s digital health platform will be the underlying technology powering patient navigation, care coordination, virtual care and patient engagement with an extension to connected devices and remote patient monitoring (RPM). Mozzaz will also be integrated with CoreLife’s leading CORA AI platform for “Smart Interventions” and advanced care planning.

Since 2012, CoreLife has specialized in the treatment of obesity by delivering a wide range of patient-focused services under one roof. The organization is renowned for its dedication to patient care, where individualized care is prioritized across medical, nutrition, exercise and behavior.

Sean Kostowski, CEO & President of CoreLife, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our partnership with Mozzaz leapfrogs us into digital health not only because of the quality of the product but the array of solutions they offer. Beyond the solutions available, it’s become clear Mozzaz is cutting edge in creative solutions for ‘things’ we didn’t even realize were a potential issue.”

Highlighting the transformative nature of the collaboration, Sean added, “This partnership is well beyond RPM. CoreLife will service over 250,000 patient visits this year. Mozzaz is providing us the opportunity to rethink how we approach digital care with RPM and beyond. We operate 30+ brick & mortar clinics throughout the US in partnership with some of the largest health systems in the world. This platform will allow us to reach patients where they are not only physically but through digital offerings and creative systemization, which will allow our clinical staff more patient-facing time resulting in better care and outcomes.”

The alliance signifies a shared commitment to enhancing patient outcomes and redefining the landscape of digital healthcare. By combining Mozzaz’s innovative solutions with the expertise of obesity healthcare, this partnership aims to create a powerful synergy that will positively impact the lives of patients across the nation.

As the collaboration unfolds, both organizations are eager to explore new horizons in digital care, setting the stage for a future where healthcare is not only accessible but also personalized, proactive, and technologically advanced. Stay tuned for more updates as Mozzaz and its esteemed partner embark on this transformative journey towards reimagining the future of healthcare.

About Mozzaz
Mozzaz is on a mission to create innovative digital experiences that improve patient outcomes while maximizing efficiencies for providers and care teams through impactful digital health transformation. With over 150,000 connected users, Mozzaz is deploying highly configurable, yet customized solutions, on a unified digital healthcare platform at scale. The Mozzaz Platform provides remote patient monitoring, virtual care, and patient engagement solutions custom configured to each provider’s workflow and process requirements. The versatile platform can be tailored to broad population-level engagement or personalized at the individual level with individualized digital care plans and “smart” interventions. Mozzaz solutions are SOC 2 Type 2 audited, HIPAA compliant and fully interoperable with FHIR and HL7 API’s, providing connected-care experiences between care-teams and their patients with an interactive and intelligent omnichannel approach. Learn more at

About CoreLife
CoreLife Healthcare is a leading provider of obesity-related healthcare services, dedicated to providing comprehensive, evidence-based, and medically-backed care to help patients achieve long-term weight loss and improve their overall health and well-being. With a team of experienced medical professionals, including nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, medical exercise specialists, and licensed clinical social workers, CoreLife Healthcare offers a personalized approach to obesity care that addresses the
medical, nutritional, exercise, and behavioral aspects of weight management. Today, CoreLife serves more than 250,000 annual patient visits and is the trusted partner for primary care providers, surgeons, and specialists who identify patients seeking to better manage their disease states with the goal of improving overall health, optimizing surgical outcomes, or preventing, impeding, or reversing a diagnosis. CoreLife was founded in 2012 and currently operates 30+ clinics across Maryland and North Carolina. Learn more at