It’s easy for anyone to feel intimidated by the idea of even beginning a fitness routine. Where do you begin? Join a gym? Get a personal trainer? Buy an elliptical? Buy protein powder and start weight lifting?  How many days?  How long?  Cardio or strength?  Maybe you heard a rumor about HIIT and Tabata being really good, but then someone else said PureBare changed their life.  All that craziness is enough to make anyone stay on the couch.

Here’s the good news: exercise doesn’t have to be complicated.  At its core, exercise and fitness are movement.  So, the first step is just…moving.  Walk more, sit less.  That’s it.  Here are some idea for how to incorporate more movement into your day pretty seamlessly.


– Park further away from the entrance at work or when running errands; need something at the East entrance of the mall?  Park at the West entrance.  Choose the restroom furthest from your office.

– Take the stairs…everywhere.  Coffee break?  Use the stairs.  Need to mail something?  Use the stairs.  Use the bathroom upstairs (or down!).


– Meet friends for a walk instead of a movie; try a new fitness class instead of a new coffee shop; get that coffee to go and enjoy the fresh air while sipping on it.

– Consider a standing desk instead of sitting all day; get an exercise ball “chair” to replace your regular desk chair

– Make every commercial a “dance break” or a stretch break

– Park a block or two from your office and walk the rest of the way; walk your kids to school (if close)

– Stand at your kids’ sports games, or better yet, walk around the field as they play.  You’ll still get to watch the game, but you’ll add some movement of your own, too!

For more ways to make movement and nutrition an easy part of your day, come visit us at CoreLife!