Unless you have an actual sensitivity to coffee/caffeine, like it triggers your heart burn or causes other indigestion, etc., I’m not one to say you have to cut all coffee. However, I will say that you should keep it to no more than 2 cups a day and avoid all that Frappa, whip, double shot of pure sugar gunk! I wanted to actually give you a few ideas to “super power” your daily java so that you’re getting some actual nutritional benefits in your cup too. I’m personally a latte drinker, which means I get some protein (and healthy fat, since I use grass fed whole milk in mine) from the milk, but these other ideas apply to black coffee and lattes alike. So next time you’re reaching for your coffee fix, try some of these tricks to make it a pretty nutritious cup!

1) Collagen Hydrosylate – purchased as a powder, this is a pretty much tasteless addition that blends in smoothly to liquids, especially hot ones. It provides a really nice protein boost, as well as gut-healing benefits and support. Look for ones that are sources from grass-fed animals like Great Lakes and Vital Proteins. I like to keep a little container of it in my purse so I can add some even when I’m getting my coffee hit away from home.

2) Liquid Stevia – while I’ve definitely come to appreciate the flavor of straight coffee or espresso more over time, I still require a bit of sweetness in my cup. Instead of reaching for sugar, artificial sweeteners, or those pumps of flavored liquid sugar syrups, try some flavored liquid stevia. A few drops go a LONG way, stevia doesn’t have any grams of sugar, is all natural, and super easy to keep with you and add to your drinks. I’m a huge fan of Sweet Leaf (they’re hazelnut and pumpkin spice flavors are so good!).

3) Prebiotics – many prebiotic powders come in a powder contained in a capsule. You can easily open these capsules and add one or two to your cup of joe. Now you get a great prebiotic, happy fiber dose for the day and your coffee all in one. BIOHM’s prebiotic is one of my favorite and shown to increase beneficial, anti-inflammatory strains like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus.

4) Adaptogens – I hope to talk more about these in an upcoming post soon, but adaptogens are specific herbs found to support adrenal health and stress management in the body. For most of us, this is something we could definitely use! I add some of my adaptogen powder from Moon Juice to may latte nearly every day

Ready to power up your coffee and make it really work for you? For more ways to super charge the foods and drinks you’re already loving, come visit CoreLife today!

Aubrey Phelps MS RDN LDN