Corporate Leadership


Chairman & CEO

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Raymond J Kostkowski has served as the Chairman and CEO of CoreLife Health Services since 2012. He is responsible for the oversight and strategic direction of the business and directly manages health system partnerships.

Prior to serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kostkowski was President and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Trust Finance since 1999. His responsibilities include managing the Company’s growth and strategic banking partnerships as a leading commercial finance company to the business sector.

Earlier, Mr. Kostkowski served as President of Orion Holdings. His responsibilities included the negotiation, acquisition and integration of more than 200 companies serving in the healthcare, technology, distribution, and the retail sector. His extensive operating experience extends over 30 years with private and public companies.

Presently, Mr. Kostkowski serves as Chairman of Benfield Investments Corp., a leading commercial property investment and management company. He serves on the board of Capital Call and CoraCares, a children’s health non-profit.



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Sean P Kostkowski has served as President of CoreLife Health Services since 2012.

Based on a personal experience, Mr. Kostkowski founded CoreLife and created a new category within healthcare that did not previously exist. As President of CoreLife, Mr. Kostkowski serves as a hands-on executive with direct oversight of the expansion and the executive operating team of the business.

Prior to CoreLife, Mr. Kostkowski served as a compliance manager within the healthcare division of CTF Corporation.

Mr. Kostkowski serves as a board member of CoraCares and is actively involved in numerous child advocacy programs. He also serves on the board of Sixx Investments Corp.

Mr. Kostkowski is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a B.A. in History and was an Athletic Merit Scholar.


Chief Operating Officer

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Ryan S Ebersole has served as the COO of CoreLife Health Services since 2013. He is responsible for the day to day leadership, operations of the health centers, and project management oversight of strategic initiatives. In this role, Mr. Ebersole has overseen and implemented CoreLife’s expansion. He also partners with clinical leadership to identify unmet needs of the patients that CoreLife is uniquely positioned to serve.

Prior to joining CoreLife, Mr Ebersole served within JPMorgan Private Bank. His responsibilities included bank operations and asset management. Mr. Ebersole has 10+ years experience in various capacities including operations, finance, real estate, and consulting.

Mr. Ebersole also serves on the board of directors of CoraCares and

Mr. Ebersole is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Finance from the Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics.


Executive Vice President

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David A DeLeonibus has served as the Executive Vice President of CoreLife Health Services since 2014.

Mr. DeLeonibus is responsible for the development, integration and growth strategy of all health system and physician partnerships. He also manages a dedicated team of physician advocates that work directly with physicians in support of unique patient care plans and programs. He is heavily focused on coordinating patient centered care with physician groups within a multidisciplinary model. His ability to foster and maintain physician relationships has been instrumental to CoreLife’s success.

Prior to joining CoreLife, Dave served as a Director of Customer Care with Autonation – America’s Largest Auto Retailer.

Presently, Mr. DeLeonibus serves on the board of Directors of CoraCares, a children’s health non-profit and is actively involved in community health initiatives.

Mr. DeLeonibus has a B.B.A in Business Management & Finance from College of Roanoke.

Jonathan R.

President CoreLife Alabama

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Jonathan R. Culwell has served as President of CoreLife Health Services of Alabama since its inception in 2018. As President, Mr. Culwell oversees all operations, business activities, and expansion efforts in the Alabama market.

Mr. Culwell began his healthcare career as an administrator with NHS Management and earlier, worked as an attorney in Birmingham.

Mr. Culwell received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from The University of Alabama. Additionally, Culwell earned a Juris Doctorate from The University of Mississippi School of Law and is a member of the Alabama State Bar Association.

Nathan H.

Vice President CoreLife Alabama

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Nathan H Clark has served as Vice President of CoreLife Alabama since 2018.

As Vice President of CoreLife Alabama, Mr. Clark leads the physician relations, strategic partnership, and community engagement efforts. Prior to joining CoreLife, Clark spent five years in senior level hospital administration roles within UAB Health System. Earlier, he spent time with ADAMS Management Services as a management consultant for hospitals and health systems across the country.

In 2017, Clark served as Chairman of the Board for the Bessemer Area Chamber of Commerce and was named a Rising Star of Health Care by the Birmingham Business Journal. Clark also served on the Arthritis Foundation board of directors for many years.

Mr. Clark received his Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management from The University of Alabama. Additionally, Clark earned a Master’s in Health Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Medical Leadership

Brooke Buckley FACS CoreLife
Brooke M.
Buckley, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Chief Medical Officer

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Dr. Brooke M. Buckley, M.D., FACS, is the Chief Medical Officer of CoreLife.  

Dr. Buckley has dedicated a significant portion of her training and professional life to organized medicine and taking a broader look at medical care delivery, with specific interests in emergency surgical care, innovative health-care delivery, and physician well-being.  Through this passion, she ran a fellowship program in Transition to Practice for young surgeons, and developed her relationship with CoreLife.

Dr. Buckley also currently holds the position of Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown, MD.

A board-certified general surgeon, Dr. Buckley completed her undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University and medical school at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health.

Dr. R Michael Murray CoreLife Maryland
Robert M.
Murray, MD

Medical Director CoreLife Alabama

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Dr. Robert M. Murray has served as CoreLife Alabama’s Medical Director since its inception in 2018. Dr. Murray is a certified American Board of Internal Medicine physician that has been in the practice of primary care medicine in the state of Alabama for over 35 years.

Dr. Murray has had a lifelong interest in preventative medicine, specifically related to the aspect of lifestyle changes that improve one’s quality of life.

Dr. Murray received his Bachelor of Science from Auburn University and his Doctor of Medicine from The University of Alabama School of Medicine.

Joseph E Stapleton, MS RD LDN
Joseph E
Stapleton, MS RD LDN

Vice President of Dietetics

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Joseph E Stapleton joined CoreLife in 2016 and serves as the Vice President of Dietetics.

Mr. Stapleton develops and implements CoreLife’s dietetic program and works on keeping CoreLife’s philosophy and recommendations up to speed with the latest research in nutritional science.  Mr. Stapleton provides a dietetic insight to leadership initiatives, creates materials for educating and counseling both patients and team members.

Prior to CoreLife and university study, Mr. Stapleton served in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry section leader, overseeing the wellbeing of his unit, ensuring the success of their missions, while counseling and training subordinates. Then, concurrent with his undergraduate and graduate studies, Mr. Stapleton worked as a personal trainer, further honing his counseling skills.

Mr. Stapleton earned a B.S. in Nutritional Science and an M.S. in Allied Health, with a concentration in Health Promotion Programs, from The University of Connecticut.