At CoreLife, we aspire to help our clients find a way to live a healthy, happy life, that fits their lifestyle for the long-haul. As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I don’t believe in “diets”, some sort of temporary commitment to reach a certain goal that is abandoned the moment that goal is reached.  So while we encourage people to eat healthy, real, whole foods and not rely on diet products, we also recognize that life is busy and crazy, and making changes is hard, and sometimes, you need a little help or a little push to make lasting changes.

Enter meal replacements and supplements.  CoreLife offers specially formulated bars, shakes, puddings, and soups that provide quick, easy, and over-all healthier food and snack options.  Many of these items clock in right around 100 calories, with a solid offering of protein to help keep you full and blood sugar levels stable.   Additionally, because each of these meal replacements is only about 150 calories, they can easily fit into a healthy diet as either part of a meal, or a great snack.  For example, a CoreLife soup with a nice side salad and some whole grain crackers would provide a solid, balanced lunch option, with little prep needed.  Toss a bar or two in your car for an easily accessible snack, preventing you from giving into that French fry craving when you’re starving on the drive home from work! Use 2% or whole milk or yogurt with the shake packets for a solid breakfast option on the go, or with water for a quick snack after the gym. You can even add some frozen fruit or a bit of nut butter for a more nutritious shake.  Adding different extras to the basic shake packet helps prevent boredom and allows you to increase the nutrient variety with very little extra work or thought.

The CoreLife meal replacement products are a great way to ease into a new, healthier lifestyle. If they suit your life, you can easily continue to incorporate them after you’ve started reaching your weight loss and health goals. Or, after getting the hang of a new way of eating, we can work with you to discuss other options that you can make yourself if you’d like to move away from meal replacement products.  For many, being asked to eat three meals a day and a snack or two is a huge change from their current diet.  Too many changes at once can result in more obstacles then progress.  Trying to make these typical diet changes can mean things like more grocery shopping, less take-out, meal planning, cooking, etc. etc.  This isn’t always possible or desirable for everyone. At CoreLife, we understand that everyone’s weight loss and health journey is unique. It’s our goal to help you find the best approach for you and your success. Meal replacements are sometimes a great option, whether it’s just a place to start, or an approach you’d like to make a permanent part of your new, healthier lifestyle.  Come on in and see what approach works best for you and your unique, individual journey.

Aubrey Phelps MS RDN