For Marc Cooke, maintaining a healthy weight has been a lifelong struggle. He’s tried just about every weight loss program and diet under the sun. Some worked well and others did not. Marc found himself in a vicious cycle – gaining and then losing on repeat, and never really quite landing where he wanted to be. He wanted to look better and feel better, and at the same time, he needed to improve his overall health and wellness. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, arthritis, and extreme knee pain were all directly related to obesity, and dictating the way Marc was living his life.

“I knew I needed to make a lot of changes, but I also knew I needed someone to support me and keep me accountable,” said Marc. “Then I learned about CoreLife.”

CoreLife is a results-oriented program that works by first identifying the root causes of weight gain, and then guiding the process of sustainable weight loss through medical treatment, dietary support, physical fitness, and behavioral health care. It offered Marc the support and guidance he needed to get and stay on track. Over a period of two years, he slowly and steadily lost 60 pounds. Then, in 2020, the COVID pandemic began, and Marc decided he could take what he had learned and continue his weight loss journey on his own. As the pandemic continued, long periods of isolation and inactivity halted Marc’s progress. And overtime, the number on the scale started to inch back up again.

“I got lazy and went back to my old ways,” recalls Marc, a professor at Delaware Technical Community College. “It caught up with me fast. Before I knew it, I had gained back almost 40 pounds. I knew I needed to go back to CoreLife, but I was embarrassed. I worried about what my team and trainers
would think if I walked back in the door with all of those pounds packed back on. Finally, in February 2022, I said to myself ‘enough is enough’ and I made the call. Embarrassed or not, I needed to get back
into the program.”

To Marc’s surprise, his CoreLife team and trainers were not disappointed in him. They welcomed him back with positivity and encouragement, motivating him to fully commit to the program and shift focus back to his ultimate weight loss goal.

“Rather than making me feel guilty, they stressed that life has ups and downs – literally – and that the most important thing was that I had come back to get the help I needed,” said Marc. “We talked about my goals and mapped out a plan to get there through good nutrition, exercise, behavior changes, and

These days, Marc’s diet is made up of a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and fats, with a lot of creativity weaved into his daily eating plan. Previously, he would sit down with a bag of chips and jar of dip to go with them, Today, come snack time, he finds himself with a single portion of chips in hand and
Greek yogurt to satisfy his dip craving.

“I’ve learned it’s very important to be mindful of my choices, and that planning ahead is key,” said Marc, age 59. “I measure and weigh everything. When I am going out for dinner, I check the menu and nutritional information online ahead of time, and then plan the rest of what I am going to eat that day
around my choices.”

Today, Marc remains in weight loss mode, with a goal to see the number 210 on his scale. He goes to the gym three to four times per week, and is feeling the impact of his healthy lifestyle choices through the little things in life that matter. He can stand up and sit down easily. He is no longer winded when he
reaches the top of a flight of stairs. The pain in his knees is much more manageable. He has energy, and a newfound enthusiasm for life.

“I recently went kayaking for the first time and am thinking about pursuing cycling and hiking as new hobbies,” said Marc. “At my heaviest, I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing these things. I am in a much different and better place now because I have the CoreLife team behind me, pushing me to be my best.”

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