Managing nutrition intake is a vital component to achieving and maintaining your overall health. Our Registered Dietitians tailor education, counseling, and nutrition plans around each individual patient's lifestyle, budget, preferences, and goals.

Helping you find the pattern of eating to achieve your goals

Wondering if you’re optimizing your intake?
Looking for a plan that’s designed around you?

At CoreLife, our nutrition advice is based on the science of what your body needs to thrive and, more importantly, how to sustain healthy habits and patterns of eating for the long term.

Dietitian Assessment, Oversight, and Counseling

Our Registered Dietitians work with you to design a personalized nutrition plan that addresses all of your intake concerns and provides you with tools for a balanced diet.

The initial nutritional assessment will include a one hour visit with a Registered Dietitian consisting of a health history review, meal planning, lab work, body composition analysis, nutrition education, and identification of potential deficiencies.  This information will be used to create your individualized health and nutrition plan focusing on YOU and your metabolism.

Our Registered Dietitian will also track your progress throughout the program with added support to ensure your success as you and your health goals evolve.  The CoreLife team provides you with the necessary skills and tools to build a positive relationship with food and help incorporate behavior modification strategies.

Registered Dietitians

CoreLife only employs Licensed Registered Dietitians so that you receive the highest quality nutrition care.


We uncover and individualize your nutrition plan to fit your needs.

Education & Counseling

Providing you the tools & knowledge to manage your nutrition for a safe and sustainable lifestyle change.

Goal Setting & Problem Solving

Defining goals, problem solving, and self-monitoring are a small sample of strategies we’ll use within your nutrition plan.

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