Nutrition Weight Loss

Wondering if you’re eating the proper portions and staying nutritionally balanced?Looking for an individualized meal plan designed around you?CoreLife Nutrition is about more than just calories or portion control. Our approach is based on the science of what your body needs to lose fat and maintain a commitment to health. Our team will provide you with the necessary skills to build a positive relationship with food, and help you incorporate behavior modification strategies.

Nutrition weight loss is broken down into a few components:

  1. Initial Assessment with a Dietitian
  2. Initial Assessment with Physician (optional)
  3. Initial Assessment with Personal Trainer (optional)
  4. Weekly Visits
  5. Monthly Reviews
  6. Maintenance

Initial Dietitian Assessment

Our Registered Dieticians will work with you to design a personalized nutrition plan that will address all of your intake concerns, and provide you with tools for balance.

The initial nutritional assessment will include a one hour visit with a Registered Dietitian consisting of a health history review, meal planning, lab work, body composition analysis, nutrition education, and identification of potential deficiencies.  These items will be used to create your individualized health and nutrition plan focusing on YOU and your metabolism. Note: You can also schedule a visit with our physician to include clearance for prescription, FDA approved, medication to be used in conjunction with your program. All weight loss medications are prescribed and dispensed in-house at our CoreLife office. B12 and Lipo-B injections are administered in our office by a licensed physician or nurse.

Weekly Visits

The cornerstone of CoreLife is our weekly visits, accountability, and support.  Lifestyle change occurs through education and the altering of habits over time. Our weekly visits are packed with food log reviews, counseling, vitals checks, and an education platform spanning nutritional, behavioral, and exercise topics. Included in weekly visits are medication (if prescribed), a B12 injection, frequent Body Composition analysis, and email follow up, support, and motivation.

Regardless of your individual plan from the dietitian there is always medical oversight provided by physicians and registered nurses.   These professionals, in conjunction with the latest research, feedback tools, and weekly one on one visits,  we will not only give you the proper direction, but help you maintain focus on achieving your goals. Sustainable success in a safe way is at the foundation of CoreLife.


Once goal weight is achieved you will enter the maintenance phase. We will do an extensive post weight loss consultation where we will set goals, review what we’ve learned, and set a maintenance weigh in schedule once a month (this is free).  Maintenance is where the real effort begins and we plan to stay with you as long as it takes.

Eating right is one of the best preventive medicines there is. But people don’t always know what’s good for them. That’s where dietitians and nutritionists come in.

Nutrition is a vital component of overall health and well-being. We believe in giving people the tools and knowledge to make healthy eating a regular, simple, everyday occurrence

Our registered dietitian will also track your progress throughout our three stage program added support to insure success. The CoreLife weight management team will provide you with the necessary skills to build a positive relationship with food, and help you incorporate behavior modification strategies.