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Coordinating Care with Medical Professionals to Improve Community Health

CoreLife is the trusted partner for primary care physicians, surgeons, and specialists looking to improve outcomes for patients with obesity. Our comprehensive care model is proven to improve overall health, optimize surgical outcomes, and prevent, impede, or potentially reverse a diagnosis.


PCP, Nurse Practitioner, Local Care Coordinator

When PCPs identify overweight and obese individuals, CoreLife provides a trusted resource that previously did not exist. CoreLife partners physicians to provide patient reports for a comprehensive review of a patient’s health and progress.


Orthopedic, Bariatric, Abdominal Wall, General

For any surgeon that determines weight reduction and management is necessary before a surgery (to reduce complication risk) or after a surgery (to avoid re-admittance and enhance outcomes). CoreLife can be bundled into the perioperative portion of the surgery.


ENT, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, OB/GYN

For any specialist that determines BMI optimization and lifestyle modification would help improve, impede or prevent a diagnosis.

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Refer a Patient

Refer patients who:

  • Have a BMI greater/equal to 30, or greater/equal to 25 with serious comorbidity
  • Are interested in joint replacement with a BMI greater than 40
  • Are interested in bariatric surgery with a BMI greater than 50
  • Would benefit from BMI optimization to improve, impede, or prevent a diagnosis
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The CoreLife Care Model

Our care plans are targeted to the unique needs of each patient, bringing together the four pillars necessary for long-term success: medical treatment, nutritional counseling, physical fitness and behavioral health. The plan adapts as the patient makes progress towards their goals, and our professional care team collaborates on an integrated approach for each individual.

Pillars of Care
A nurse practitioner evaluates and treats health risks that are related to obesity and conditions that impact weight management.
Registered Dietitians develop a nutrition plan for each patient, and work with them to develop the tools and knowledge to make healthy eating a regular, simple, everyday occurrence.
Medical Exercise Specialists develop individualized fitness programs aimed at increasing functional fitness and helping patients reduce pain, increase mobility, and support healthy weight loss.
Behavioral Health
Licensed mental health clinicians provide additional support to patients, helping to address and manage mental health issues that may be impeding overall health and wellness.

Why CoreLife

Coordinating Care


Physicians understand that obesity and lifestyle choices are at the root of many of the difficulties they treat. These physicians are living the overweight and obesity epidemic on a daily basis, but don’t have the time, infrastructure, or resources to provide ongoing treatment.

In response, physicians have sought out local partnerships and key providers within their community to address and treat the needs of their patients.

For years, these physicians have turned to CoreLife due to the credible, high quality and innovative programs being offered to their overweight and obese patients.

Since CoreLife operates on a local level, we are down the road and around the corner from the providers and patients that we support.

Physician FAQ’s

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. CoreLife accepts most insurance, although coverage varies based on the individual plan. We verify benefits prior to the first appointment and provide patients with expected coverage and cost information.

How do you measure patient outcomes and success?

We measure patient satisfaction & success through outcomes data, ongoing surveys, peer reviews and the strength of our healthcare partnerships. We collect and review the following:
  • Objectively: BMI, Weight, and a variety of other health markers
  • Subjectively: Satisfaction and feedback through surveys to new and existing patients
  • Quality Control: We internally audit every chart on a monthly basis for care gaps, documentation, compliance, and to facilitate patient care coordination with our partners in the community
  • Partnership: The commitment and integration of CoreLife and our healthcare partners is critical to the success and outcomes of the patients

Do you offer family programs?

We have many patients who participate in the CoreLife program with their spouse, friend, children, parents, siblings, etc. It’s something that we highly encourage and discuss early on. We also find that patients who engage in the program with family or friends are much more successful due to the enhanced support and accountability system outside of our centers.

Once participants meet their goal, do they continue, or are there options/resources for transition?

Maintenance is, in many ways, the most critical component. We understand that the single best predictor of regain is how long you can successfully maintain weight loss. We employ a free maintenance program consisting of physical weight check ins and consistent remote engagement through email, phone, and text. We employ safeguards to help catch potential regain and, if necessary, re-engage the patient into a program.

Do you have programs for pediatric patients?

We service pediatric patients on a case by case basis. Family programs are common and more likely than individual pediatric patients.

Example of the typical staffing model.

  • Practice Manager
  • Front Desk Coordinator
  • Consultation Specialist
  • NP/PA/MD
  • Medical Assistant
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Certified Personal Trainer and/or Exercise Physiologist
  • LCSW

Where are you located?

Currently, CoreLife has over 30 offices located in Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina. View all locations.