Many people do a great job at meals, but impair their weight loss and health success through excessive or unhealthy snacking. To make snacks work for you and add to your nutritional intake for the day, rather than derail your otherwise great diet, remember to include fat and/or protein with every snack, not JUST carbs. Snacks should be eaten mindfully, be smaller than a meal (think about the side of one hand), and nutrient-dense to keep you going until your next meal. Here are 5 of my favorite snack options:

1) Snack balls

Process walnuts or almonds with dates, prunes, or apricots in a food processor. Too sticky? Add more nuts. Too dry? Add more dried fruit. Feel free to add in hemp seeds and/or ground flax for added benefits. Roll into bite-sized balls and then toss with dried coconut flakes to make them less messy to grab and eat. Store in the fridge or freezer.

2) Trail Mix

Yea, I know, the best part of trail mix is the chocolate/M&Ms. BUT, you can still have your chocolate and eat it too, if you add in some other friends. Choose at least one nut (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews), seeds (pumpkin, sunflower), and then a chocolate flare (M&Ms, dark chocolate chips, chocolate coated sunflower seeds). Some combo ideas….”Nutella” trail mix: hazelnuts, chocolate chips, and pumpkin seeds; “Chocolate Covered Cherry” trail mix: Almonds, dark chocolate chunks, unsweetened dried cherries, and sunflower seeds; “Tropical Paradise” Trail Mix, macadamia nuts, unsweetened dried mango, and sunflower seeds.

3) Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are a PERFECT snack option. Sprinkle a little “everything” spice mix on top for a truly delicious, balanced, treat.

4) Hummus + Veggies

Hummus comes in all sorts of amazing flavors. Change up the ones you keep on hand, vary the veggies you use to dip, and you’ll have a pretty endless supply of options!

5) Avocado + toast/crackers

Avocado toast is a great snack option. Sprinkle with that “everything” spice mix, top with a slice or two of tomato, or put those avocado slices on some seed-filled crackers for a great crunchy twist.

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Snacking can be a great way to keep your energy up and meet your nutritional needs throughout the day. With these simple snack ideas, you can make snacking work for you, instead of against your waistline.


– Aubrey Phelps MS RDN LDN