Before joining CoreLife Healthcare, Jeanne found herself in a discouraging place. Struggling with being pre-diabetic, taking regular blood pressure medication, and feeling increasingly depressed, she faced numerous health challenges. Limited in her activities due to ongoing knee issues requiring cortisone shots, Jeanne described her life as “very sad” and felt things were getting worse.

After trying various weight loss methods in the past—from the Fen-Phen fad to unsustainable diets like keto—Jeanne knew she needed a more personalized and sustainable approach. Her previous attempts had led to temporary successes, but they were followed by past poor decisions that resulted in her regaining the weight. Recognizing the seriousness of her declining health, her doctor pointed her towards CoreLife.

Initially skeptical, Jeanne entered CoreLife with the expectation of encountering “just another weight loss program.” However, she was soon pleasantly surprised. What set CoreLife apart was its personalized approach. The program began with a thorough assessment  to tailor the program specifically to her needs, including the use of Mounjaro weight loss medications that, according to Jeanne, “changed my life!”

Customization and personal attention were game-changers for Jeanne. She learned the art of portion control and the principles of mindful eating—skills that would support her sustainable weight management. The holistic approach of the program, combining medication, dietary education, and personalized care, proved to be the formula she needed.

Today, Jeanne’s life is unrecognizable from before. She has lost 130 lbs since restarting the program two years ago. Full of energy, she enjoys activities she couldn’t imagine doing before, like running and jumping rope—she even jumped rope with her grandchildren on Easter! With renewed confidence and vitality, Jeanne is embracing life more fully and is even exploring new relationships.

Jeanne’s story is more than a testimonial; it’s a beacon of hope for anyone feeling trapped by their health issues. CoreLife Healthcare didn’t just help her lose weight; it helped her regain her health, happiness, and zest for life. For anyone ready to take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle, please contact us at (800)905-3261.