You may be reading this because you have a “bad arm”or a “bad shoulder.”  If that’s the case, you are not alone. In fact, close to 70% of Americans experience shoulder pain at some point in their lives. Shoulder pain can cause limit us from being able to participate in our favorite activities.  But what if a few key exercises could get that bad shoulder feeling right again? Worth trying right? Keep reading to learn more!

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Sedentary Behavior

  • Lack of movement within the shoulder joint will cause a decrease in fluid production. This fluid prevents friction and stiffness enabling pain free movement.

Weak Musculature

  • Weakened rotator cuff muscles allow excessive movement causing the shoulder to become unstable and “out of place.”

Unhealthy Movement

  • Forward head posture (rounded shoulders) will cause a forward tilt of the shoulder blade, leading to impingement and cervical spine pain
Let’s Get Moving!

These movements can be comfortably performed 3x/week, in less than 10 min.  This quick and easy “corrective exercise” routine can alleviate shoulder pain by activating muscle groups responsible for healthy posture.

External Rotation (Posterior Rotator Cuff) – 20 controlled reps each arm

1. Hook a light band to a stable area (a door knob works great)

2. Walk a comfortable distance away from the band, increasing tension so there’s no slack in the band

3. Keep the elbow tucked to your side and move your arm like a door hinge.

4. Open the arm until it is perpendicular with the body and return to resting position to complete 1 rep

Banded Rows (Back Muscles i.e. Lats) – 20 controlled reps

1. Loop a light band to a stable area so there is an even length on each side to grasp with each hand

2. Walk a comfortable distance away from the band, increasing tension so there is no slack

3. Pull the band into your body, keeping your arms close to your side as you squeeze your shoulder blades together (1rep)

4. Ensure your shoulders do not rise towards your ears.


Open Book Chest stretch (Pectoralis) – 20 seconds each side

1. Lay on your back and bend your knees to ~ 90 degrees

2. Roll your body to the left direction so that you lay on your hip

3. Turn just your upper body to the right (as comfortably as possible)

4. Allow the top arm to open so both shoulders are on the ground

5. Repeat on the opposite side.Corelife’s fitness program is designed to enhance functionality through a mindful and movement based approach.  Our program focuses on healthy pain-free movement so that daily movement and exercise enhance your overall health and well being!  Contact your local CoreLife trainer with any questions about these or any exercises!