Hip pain is a daily struggle for so many of us.  Whether it’s a dull ache or stabbing pain, any amount of discomfort can keep us from doing the things we love.  If you suffer from hip soreness, strengthening certain areas of your body can help! And we’re not talking about heavy weight lifting.  These are straightforward exercises, which can be performed in the comfort of your home or office just a few times a week. Take it from our personal trainers – these simple exercises have the power to change your body for the better.  

Have you wondered why does hip pain occur in the first place?  There are several culprits – check out the most common causes so you know what type of movement (or lack thereof) to avoid in the future.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Sedentary Behavior

  • Lack of movement causes a decrease in fluid production in your joints.  In this case, your hip joint!  This can exacerbate arthritis and the feeling of “stiffness.”  Try to remember – “Motion is Lotion!”

Weak Musculature

  • Weakened hip muscles cause instability within the spine and SI joint.  This can potentially lead to nerve pain (also known as ‘sciatica’ or piriformis syndrome).

Unhealthy Movement

  • Prolonged sitting causes hip flexor muscles to shorten, creating an unbalanced pelvic tilt and discomfort in the hip joint.


Now that you know WHY hip pain can be caused, let’s see about what can be done to RELIEVE the pain.  Check out these CoreLife recommended movements – simple stretches and motions that serve as “corrective exercises” for our struggling hip area.

Let’s Get Moving!

These movements can be comfortably performed 3x/week in less than 10 min.  This quick and easy “corrective exercise” routine will help alleviate hip pain by balancing the activities of your muscles.

Side-Lying Clam (Pelvic Floor, Gluteal Complex) – 20 controlled reps each side

1. Lay on your side with hips and knees bent.  Let your knees lay touching on top of one another.  Relax your head and neck on your upper arm close to the ground (do not prop up).

2. Slide your heels toward your butt.

3. While keeping your heels touching, raise the top knee about 45 degress.  Keep the lower knee on the ground.

4. Slowly return to the starting position, where your knees are together.

5.  Repeat for 20 controlled repetitions and then perform on your other side.

Glute Bridge (Gluteal Complex) – 20 controlled glute bridges 


 1. Lay on your back with knees bent and feet firmly planted on the ground

 2.  Drive through your feet as you engage your legs and glutes to lift your hips off the ground.

 3.  Pause and slowly lower your body back to the ground (1x bridge)

Seated Hip Stretch (External Rotators) – 20 seconds each side


1.  Sit on the ground and cross one leg over the other.

2.  Bring your crossed leg’s ankle close to the opposite knee.  Keep the sole of your foot on the ground.

3.  Hold your crossed leg in place, almost as if you’re hugging your leg!

4.  For a deeper stretch, turn your upper body past your crossed leg, resting your opposite elbow on the opposite knee (if your LEFT knee is crossed, rest your RIGHT elbow on the knee)Corelife’s fitness program is designed to enhance functionality through a mindful and movement based approach.  Our program focuses on healthy pain-free movement so that daily movement and exercise enhance your overall health and well being!  Contact your local CoreLife trainer with any questions about these or any exercises!