I mentioned in a recent post how important healthy fats are in your diet. Avocado is a great healthy fat option and a special one. Most fat sources offer little in the way of fiber, but avocado has a hefty dose of fiber AND counts as one of your fruit/veggie servings for the day! On top of that, avocado is a great source of carotenoids, a compound that the body converts to vitamin A, found in many yellow/green and orange fruits and vegetables. Unlike other typical sources, however, avocado’s natural fat increases the body’s ability to absorb and convert these compounds. Additionally, avocado has been shown to lower the risk for heart disease, reduce LDL levels, and decrease oxidative stress in the body. Although it’s comprised mostly of fat, the main source of fatty acids in avocado are monounsaturated, a very healthy form of fat needed by the body. Besides monounsaturated fats, avocado also contains a special group of fats known as phytoesterols which provide anti-inflammatory benefits. And, if that’s not enough to convince you of the awesomeness of the avocado, they also pack a punch with vitamin K, copper, potassium, and folic acid. So, how do you incorporate more of this fabulous fat into your daily diet?

1) Avocado Toast – it sounds so simple, and it is, but it’s also awesome! Choose your favorite piece of whole grain bread, toast it up, and then mash a good layer of avocado on top. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper for the simplest version, or add a drizzle of lemon juice and olive oil with red pepper flakes to spice things up. Want to take it a step further? Try a nice poached egg on top!

2) Creamy Smoothies – avocado is a great way to boost the nutrition of your smoothies and, as an added bonus, you’ll get a velvety smooth texture too! Try this recipe out for your next breakfast or even lunch!

3) Guacamole – a tried and true use of this amazing little powerhouse. Mash up some avocado with lime juice, cumin, sea salt, and tomatoes and onion (if you’d like!). Serve with carrots, celery, or some multi-grain chips. Or, for a fun twist, try adding it to your salad instead of dressing!

4) Move over, Mayo – avocado is a great substitute in many recipes for mayonnaise, providing more fiber and healthier fats. Try it in your next chicken salad or tuna salad! Or, for a super quick substitute, add some thin or mashed avocado slices to your sandwich instead of mayonnaise.

5) Avocado Pudding – sometimes you just want to indulge. This rich, thick avocado pudding is incredibly filling and tasty. Add some fruit toppings or a sprinkling of nuts for crunch and you’ll have a satisfying treat that’s actually good for you!

For more ways to add avocado and other healthy options into your diet, come on in to CoreLife and chat!

Aubrey MS RDN