One of the best ways to create a good relationship with food that will benefit your waist-line and your health, is to go homemade. Making food from scratch means you get to control exactly what goes into it, how much, and often more importantly, what DOESN’T go in! But, with long work hours, hectic commutes, varying family schedules, limited gym hours, piles of laundry, etc. etc., finding the time and energy to make meals at home can be a real challenge. Sometimes making the time to simply sit down for a meal can be a huge task. So, how do you get the best of both worlds? Food fast, but not fast-food?

Enter CoreLife’s new and improved Fresh Meals.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these meals are made fresh by a wonderful, local chef, whom we’ve partnered with to offer you homemade options, but without having to do it at your home! As a dietitian with CoreLife, I’ve looked over the new menu to make sure our offerings align with what we discuss in our nutrition sessions. Packed with protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, these meal options are a great way to start incorporating real, nutritious foods into your diet, without sacrificing taste or your time.

Cereal for breakfast? We all know that can get boring and typically doesn’t provide you with the protein you need to get your day off to a strong start. Our chef offers you breakfast sandwiches, hot and cold cereals taken up a notch, omelets, and a plethora of other unique and delicious options to start your day right and get you out of even the deepest breakfast rut. Lunch and dinner offerings include a make-your-own menu and fully designed entrees. For the make-your-own,  select a lovely protein to provide the foundation of your meal and from numerous sides to complete a well-rounded plate. Full entrees range from burrito bowls and fish tacos to paninis and salads, enough diversity to please any palate.

Although making food at home is a great way to improve your nutrition and health, it can be a big and daunting change.  Our Fresh Meal options are here to help bridge the gap, pick up the slack, or just give you a jump-start toward a new approach to eating. I’ll be giving you some more details about the offerings and how it all works in next week’s post. And if you just can’t wait to see what it’s all about and try for yourself, we’ve got a tasting for the new menu on March 6th, 6pm, at the Severna Park office. Come see what you might be missing!

Happy Monday!

Aubrey MS RDN