Last week I mentioned CoreLife’s new Fresh Meal offerings. Now, in addition to bars, soups, and shakes, you can get freshly made, nutritionally balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! How does this work? Well, you can order by phone, e-mail, or in person. All that’s needed is 48 hours notice. You select the meals you want and when you want to pick them up. That’s it! We’ll have them ordered, freshly prepared, and ready for you to come get them.

You can pick up a menu at your closest CoreLife office, or check it out online. Offerings include protein infused oatmeal and poached eggs with asparagus for breakfast, complete entrees for lunch or dinner, as well as “build your own” options that start off with a great protein base and then allow you to choose some delicious sides to finish the meal off. Combined with the CoreLife snack options of bars and shakes, a complete day’s worth of meals and snacks is ready and waiting to help you on your journey to health and lifelong wellness.

The menu included information about the calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat for each item. While the menu was not designed to be calorie-restricted, with this information, you can figure out a way to make any one of the offering fit into your daily allotment of nutritional needs. For example, many clients I see have a total intake range of somewhere around 1500. In this case, your dinner calorie allotment might be around 300-400 calories. Many of the complete entre offerings are 600-700 calories. You may see that and think “Well, I can’t have this, then!”, but instead, think of it as 2 meals for the price of one! You can split that large entrée in half, eating half for dinner and saving the other half for tomorrow’s lunch. A large breakfast sandwich could easily be two day’s worth of breakfasts. Eat half today paired with a piece of fruit and repeat tomorrow. Because you know what’s in each item, you can make it work with your given needs and still lose weight while loving what you eat.

At CoreLife, we’re striving to help you find balance. If you hate what you’re eating, starving, or just generally feel like you can’t keep doing what you’re doing for more than a few months, we need to re-evaluate your approach. Our goal is to help you find a new relationship with food, exercise, and your health. This is not a temporary change to merely move the number on the scale, but a new plan for the rest of your life. If you don’t enjoy the extra years you’re gaining by improving your health, what’s the point? The road to the best version of yourself starts today.

Hope to see you soon!

Aubrey MS RDN