Take your success to the next level with CoreLife’s brand new app and the CoreLife Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program!  Now you can log and view your vitals like heart rate, weight, along with steps, meals, hydration and more with the click of a button in the CoreLife RPM app.  Have a question or need some one-on-one motivation? Contact your team with the app’s messaging feature to stay connected with your Care Team between visits!

CoreLife’s RPM Program was created to help patients log their habits more easily and provide our Care Teams with the most up to date patient data possible.  Our teams can then view patient progress using our provider dashboards, allowing our teams to tailor care plans and offer real-time help when you need it the most.  With RPM, you can sync the CoreLife app to different fitness devices like scales and wrist fitness trackers to help log your meals, hydration, steps, and weight. 

Still, have questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

How Does CoreLife RPM work?

Join CoreLife’s Remote Patient Monitoring Program by registering with your Care Team.  They will activate your account so you are ready to start logging after downloading the app to your mobile device.  The CoreLife app is available for FREE on the Google Play and Apple App Stores. All that’s left is syncing your wearable fitness tracker and scale to the app so that you and our Care Team can start monitoring your progress in real-time. Now you’ll both be able to track your heart rate, active time, steps, BMI, weight, and many other critical measurements of your progress, in one convenient place.  

Benefits of The CoreLife RPM Program:

  • Access and monitor your CL health profile with an online dashboard, in real-time.
  • Engage with your Care Team in and out of the office.
  • Conveniently log, track, and view your meals, hydration, biometrics, exercise, daily steps, all in one place!
  • Easily access the Digital Library filled with useful educational tips and tools.
  • Stay motivated and on track with increased accountability.
  • Daily tracking of your habits and health helps tailor the your care plan even more
  • Increase your reduction of BMI, Total Cholesterol, and Diastolic Blood Pressure.  
  • Actively tracking helps increase your pedometer steps by more than 1,000 daily steps 
  • Experience greater levels of motivation and encouragement
  • Seeing your results and committing to your new habits helps drive you to stay on track and ultimately experience greater success!

Is the RPM Program covered by Insurance?

Like many of our CoreLife services, depending on your specific insurance plan, the RPM program can be covered by your insurance provider by up to 100%!  Check with your CoreLife Care Team to see if your insurance plan covers RPM.

Do I have to purchase the CoreLife watch and scale to join RPM?

No, you do not have to purchase the CoreLife BALANCE Scale and STRIVE Tracker. You can use your personal fitness devices if they are compatible with the CoreLife App.

What is the STRIVE Activity Tracker?

The STRIVE activity tracker is a wireless activity tracker, similar to a writs watch, that measures steps, distance, calories burned, amount of active time, and percentage of identified goal completed.

What is the BALANCE Body Composition Scale?

The BALANCE Body Composition Scale is a wireless scale that measures weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, hydration, and visceral fat. 

What other devices sync with the CoreLife App?

CoreLife’s RPM mobile app syncs with the STRIVE Activity Tracker and BALANCE Body Composition Scale as well as other compatible third-party trackers and scales like the Apple Watch and FitBit. Please view the list below for compatible devices:

Who will my information be shared with?

The CoreLife App complies with HIPPA rules and regulations to ensure all your personal information is protected and only accessible by you and your CoreLife Care Team.

Is there a difference between the CoreLife RPM Program and the CoreLife App?

The CoreLife App was launched as part of the new CoreLife Remote Patient Monitoring Program.  The program and platform go hand in hand. By syncing your wearable device and scale your care team will now be able to view your vitals and progress between your visits to help keep you on track.  By using the app as part of the RPM Program, you have the ability to track meals, hydration, activity and overall progress, message your CoreLife team between visits, and access a Digital Library of Resources and more!

How do I join the RPM Program?

To join the Remote Patient Monitoring Program you will need to talk to your local CoreLife clinic. Registration must be completed with a CoreLife Teammate on-site, at a Corelife Clinic. You will be unable to register without the assistance of a CoreLife Teammate.

How do I download the App?

The CoreLife App is very simple to use, after registering with your CoreLife team who will also activate your account.  Simply go to the Google Play or Apple App Store, search for “CoreLife RPM” and download our application. The App will then direct you through the setup of your account.Ready to sign up?  Contact your CoreLife Team to register for the program and get started with the CoreLife app!