A collarbone isn’t something most people associate with progress.

But for Holly, it represents a milestone in her year-long weight loss journey with CoreLife.

“Before CoreLife, I don’t really know the last time I noticed my collarbone,” she said. “Now, I can feel it, and when I tap it, it sounds like a bone. I can even see it in my pictures.”

In her early 20s, Holly began experiencing chronic pain – pain that made it difficult for her to be physically active. As the pain increased, so did her weight. She also experienced debilitating migraine headaches. After trying a number of diets and not finding success, she decided to undergo weight loss surgery, and came to CoreLife in 2020 to prepare. 

“I had to go on a liver shrinking diet for four to eight weeks before my surgery,” Holly recalled. “The CoreLife team, including Kristen (registered dietitian) and Kari (nurse practitioner) helped me follow all the steps.”

Holly also worked weekly with CoreLife trainers Zach and Morgan.

“Zach did a movement consultation with me at the beginning, and he found a lot of my movement problems stemmed from one hip not being as strong as the other.”

The trainers helped Holly build her strength through resistance training.

After Holly’s surgery in November, she returned to CoreLife to continue her weight loss progress.

“My entire team has been great in helping me reach my goals and keeping me motivated,” she said. “They celebrate your highs with you. They even gave me this cute certificate for reaching a new fat loss goal, and then I got to put my name up on the board.”

While the nutrition, medical and fitness guidance has made a tremendous difference in her life, Holly said the accountability that comes with visiting CoreLife is the main key to her success.

“If I have an appointment, and if I’m paying money for it, I’m more likely to go and do it versus watching something on YouTube,” she said. “Now, I coordinate the rest of my schedule around visits, and I’ll reschedule if I can’t be there.”

In the past year, Holly has lost more than 100 pounds. Her migraines have also decreased significantly.

“I’m way more active than I used to be,” she said. “I just got back from a trip to California to see some family. We walked around a lot, and I didn’t get as winded or tired walking as I used to. I have an almost four-year-old daughter, and I’m able to keep up and do things with her. And I sleep better. My husband says I don’t snore anymore.”

Holly also encouraged others to give CoreLife a try.

“You can stick with anything for a couple of weeks or a month,” she said. “Once you get into the routine, you’ll notice a big change.”


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