Kendra received a life-changing diagnosis last year during her annual physical. She had prediabetes, a condition that without lifestyle changes can lead to diabetes. 

With prediabetes, damage to the heart and kidneys may already be underway because of a higher-than-normal blood sugar level.

“I didn’t want to take any additional medications that I didn’t have to take,” said Kendra, a mom and special education teacher in North Carolina. “And I knew my weight had gotten completely out of control. I was ready to figure out a solution.”

Her doctor recommended she contact CoreLife Novant Health, a comprehensive weight management program located in her community of Kernersville, North Carolina. Determined to start her path toward better health, Kendra decided to make an appointment.

“I had tried everything else,” she said. “I had tried other weight loss programs. I’d changed things with my diet and exercise. I would start and then not have the motivation to continue.”

From day one, she knew CoreLife’s model was different, she said.

“At CoreLife, you have the dietician and the nurse practitioner there with you,” Kendra said. “You know they’re going to hold you accountable.”

CoreLife team members designed a food plan to help the self-proclaimed “snacker” make healthy choices.

“A lot of times, I would skip meals, especially while working from home,” Kendra said. “Paige (registered dietitian) and I found that setting a timer helped remind me to eat. Then we came up with something quick and easy that would provide me with my protein, veggies and carbs, all in one.”

Feedback from the CoreLife nurse practitioner also made a tremendous difference in Kendra’s progress.

“She always asks me, ‘How are you feeling today? Anything new?’” Kendra said. “They all make sure they’re taking care of my overall well-being and helping me analyze things I might need to change.”

Because of CoreLife, Kendra is more physically active than she has been in years. She wakes up at 5:30 a.m. several days a week to exercise before work. 

As a result of her efforts, Kendra has lost more than 50 pounds. 

“My sister recently sent me a picture of myself and said, ‘I’m so proud of you sis you have come so far,’” Kendra said. “I looked at the picture, and I just started crying because I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. Was I really that big?’”

And the prediabetes? Gone. Kendra said she couldn’t have done it without the CoreLife team’s support.

“They’ve been awesome,” she said. “Any questions I have, they’re there to answer, whether it’s in person or sending me a message through the CoreLife app.”

Kendra has even recruited family members to participate, knowing they, too, will find success.

“We are making this a family effort of everybody becoming healthier,” she said.