Behavioral Health

At CoreLife, we understand there is a complex relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviors which can impact your overall wellness. Our Licensed Behavioral Health Therapists work with you to create an individualized care plan to help address the underlying core issues which may have impacted your health journey.

Overcoming Barriers

At CoreLife, our professional behavioral health therapists will help you explore past (or current) experiences that may have led to low mood, sadness, lack of motivation, anxiety, avoidance or coping through the use of substances or eating.

We will develop a care plan to help reduce symptoms and provide education and tools to help you create sustainable change.

We focus on:
  • Behavioral health therapy and education/resources

  • Compassionate, supportive care

  • The connection between emotional wellness and health

Behavioral Health Counseling

Understanding thoughts and emotions are critical to overall wellness. Individualized care plans address social, environmental, familial, and other factors impacting mental health wellness.

Education and Tools

Our team works with you to understand your mental health and develop strategies and tools to build sustainable change.

Support & Compassion

We are committed to a patient-centered approach with care that is sensitive to your background, condition, and goals.

Coordinated Care

We collaborate with your care team to ensure an integrated approach to your medical, nutritional, exercise, and behavioral health plan.

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