The Benefits of Strength Training

Visiting the “weights” side of the gym can be intimidating.  Does thinking “I don’t want to hurt myself, and never really know what to do

The Benefits of Drinking Water

One of the most important tools for our health and weight loss is WATER!  You may have heard doctors or dietitians recommending drinking ‘at least

Don’t Drink Your Calories

What are Liquid Calories? Liquid calories are calories that come from the liquids we consume as part of our daily diet.  Alcohol, juice, and soda

What is Aerobic Exercise?

For many of us, walking or jogging can seem like a task rather than an enjoyable activity.   Most of us would do anything to

Why is Exercise Important to Losing Weight?

Corelife’s comprehensive program involves four essential components to achieve optimal health and wellness: Medical oversight  Nutrition education Physical activity  Behavior counseling Each of these disciplines

6 Easy Ways to Get Your Fruits & Veggies

We’ve all heard that it’s important to eat our fruits and vegetables.  Full of vitamins and nutrients, not to mention fiber, they’re a key food

5 Mindful Eating Tips

Have you ever tried to restrict a specific food from your diet but ended up finally giving in and eating as much of it as

3 Ways to Relieve Hip Pain

Hip pain is a daily struggle for so many of us.  Whether it’s a dull ache or stabbing pain, any amount of discomfort can keep

6 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market

It’s that time of year! Farmers markets are open and selling fresh, local produce. There are numerous reasons to shop at the farmers market. Here

3 Moves to Help with Shoulder Pain

You may be reading this because you have a “bad arm”or a “bad shoulder.”  If that’s the case, you are not alone. In fact, close

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

How do you know if a fat is a good fat or a bad fat?   Today we’re digging into the facts to answer those burning

3 Exercises to Relieve Knee Pain

Do your knees ever ache throughout the day?  Does knee pain keep you from doing the things you love? For 100 million Americans that answer

Day of the Mushroom!

To celebrate ‘Day of the Mushroom’ today, we’re sharing some fun(gi) facts along with a delicious dinner recipe where mushrooms are the star! Did you

Motion is Lotion: How to Relieve Back Pain

Corelife’s fitness program is designed to enhance functionality through a mindful and movement based approach.  Our program focuses on healthy pain-free activity so that you

How To Overcome Late Night Cravings

It’s 9:00 pm and the ice cream is calling you from the freezer.  If late night cravings are your thing, you are not alone!  Yearning

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